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  • candy_rashelle_mason
    The Captian of the Guard nodded, Yes Lord Dudley. We will be out in the hall. You may have only a few minutes. After the guards steped out of the room Jane
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      The Captian of the Guard nodded, "Yes Lord Dudley. We will be out in
      the hall. You may have only a few minutes." After the guards steped out
      of the room Jane broke down in tears. "Guildford you can't leave me.
      Don't leave me."

      OOC: I don't know how I over looked this. I don't think it came to my
    • Catalina
      ... Katherine of Aragon is not one of my favourite wives of Henry the Eight, Candy because if I was her, I would have brought civil war to England rather than
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        --- In lady_jane_grey_rpg@yahoogroups.com, "candy_rashelle_mason" <candy_rashelle_mason@...> wrote:
        > OOC: In a way I am glad Anne Boleyn became queen. I would be lying if I said she was not my favorite followed by Katherine Howard. I don't know. There was just something about Katherine of Aragon that did not sit well with me, and after reading David Starkey's six wives even more so. She was in her own way just as decietful as Anne Boleyn. I don't idolize Anne or Katherine by any means, but their stories are so compelling and as I dig into history more I am finding that I like Katherine Howard much better than Anne. Maybe because no one really cares about her. She is a character that is in a way hidden from history because we know so little about her. It makes it easier to relate. I guess I have a think for howard girls.
        > But Mary, I don't really know. i agree with the reform in the church that was going on. The Catholic church was corupt, but then again so was the government. The whole time was corrupt. But it needed to change. i know Edward did as much harm as Mary did in his quest for religious reform, but for some reason we ignore what he and Elizabeth did and focus on Mary. Even Henry had people killed for religous views. Look at another favorite of mine Anne Askew.
        Katherine of Aragon is not one of my favourite wives of Henry the Eight, Candy because if I was her, I would have brought civil war to England rather than lose my throne, my husband and my child. She was not decietful. She was stubborn, that was her only fault and I think if you were in her shoes, you would probably have done what she did. She was the daughter of the great Isabella of Castille and the great Ferdinand of Aragon and she never fogot it. Of coarse, the Roman Catholic Church needed reform. We know that but Henry the Eight could have changed the Church from within instead of making thousands of nuns and priests and monks homeless. Henry the Eight did what he did for two reasons. The first because Anne Boleyn bewitched him and by allowing the Cromwell to bring down the monastries he got more gold and that is what it was all about because he loved Queen Katherine of Aragon but Anne Boleyn was sexy, I suppose, and she knew how to wrap him around her little finger. And I do not hate Anne Boleyn neither but neither is she my favourite of Henry's wives. My favourtite of Henry's wives are Jane Seymour and Katherine Parr. These are the two Queens Henry the Eight did not fall out of love with. Of coarse, Jane Seymopur was very, very lucky that she managed to get a son.

        You do notice, Candy, how everyone focuses on Mary's religious presection and not on the fact that she did not pack her Parliaments or her Courts. That everyone in her reign charged of a crime had a fair chance of acquittal if they were proven innocent. Also do not forget it was Mary the First's religion that kept her strong throughout all her trials and tribulations. She and Edward the Sixth had much in common. Both very staunch within their respective religions.

        Katherine Howard, I do not know what to make of her, except that she had a rotten childhood. Nobody taught her what was right or wrong. Don't forget she was only one of Edmund Howard and the Lady Joyce Culpepper's brood. Insignificant, until Norfolk decided she could possibly capture the King as he did not like Anne of Cleves. Norfolk was clever and he used everything and everyone he had to his and Howard advantage.

        In the long run, it was Anne of Cleves who was the most clever, only because she decided to accept divorce but then her brother, William, Duke of Cleves was not nearly as powerful as the Holy Roman Emperor, do not forget. She was basically on her own. She probably hated Cleves and did not want to return so she wanted to make the best of a bad baragin. And she did not love Henry the Eight the way Katherine of Aragon did. Do not forget Katherine of Aragon was Henry's wife for twenty three years.
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