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508Re: Lord and Lady Dudley's Rooms

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  • Catalina
    Jan 8, 2010
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      Lord Guildford Dudley loved it when his Jane was happy and she was happiest with her books. "Yes, he is insightful." he said, although not ever having a taste for the classics or knowlege of that kind, Lord Guildford Dudley was not sure. "Now explain it to me, Jane for I wish to learn and who better to learn from than the finest scholar in England." In some ways this was a command but he knew that if Jane taught it to him, he would understand for she always knew how to explain things.

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      --- In lady_jane_grey_rpg@yahoogroups.com, "CandyM" <candy_rashelle_mason@...> wrote:
      > Jane smiled at Guildford and picked up the book. She started to read translating the familair greek words into english as she went. "I love plato. Isn't he so insightful?" Her face radiated with knowledge as she glanced over to her husband.
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