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  • Catalina
    Jan 6, 2010
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      OOC: Candy, I need to tell you that I loved this post. Very, very well written.


      And so the card game progressed and Jane stopped speaking of the topic, Lord Guildford Dudley hated most to hear of: Queen Mary Tudor and what she was going to do to them and their child. How he loved this child, his Jane carried. If only he could be on their estate with her and raise this child properly but no, he had to be here in the Tower, all because his father, the Duke of Northumberland lost and Mary Tudor won. The people rose up for Mary Tudor. How he wished Jane sat on the Throne where she belonged but he would never ever tell her this for he knew that she did not wish this great honour. She did not wish for her destiny. A part of Lord Guildford Dudley was angered greatly by this but he loved her. He loved her greatly. She was learned, cultured, erudite. None could compare to Jane Grey in education, in knowlegde. She needed him and he needed her. In the short time they were in the Tower, a strong bond has developed between them because he would be damned straight to hell, if he would allow Mary Tudor or anybody else to take away the woman he has come to love. His mother be damened straight to hell as well. He no longer wrote to her. He no longer saw her when she came to visit. Once when he went on his walkabout by himself, he saw his brother, Robert Dudley and Robert hath told him that their mother, the Lady Jane Guildford Dudley is furious with Guildford. She is no longer bringing him anything. Let him starve in the Tower was her attitude. It wilt serven him right and yet, Lord Guildford Dudley does not starve. He has love, something his mother could never ever understand and not that she did not love his father, the Duke of Northumberland for Lord Guildford Dudley knew that she did but she has remarried, has she not and why. She hath many children. None would hath expected her to wed.

      Lord Guildford Dudley noticed Jane eye the book young Lady Mary Grey hath sent her sister and he said, "Enough of cards, Jane. I would you read aloud of that book to me and then we shalt discuss it. My mother, the Lady Jane Dudley hath always said I should pay more attention to my studies. Well, what better time to pick up one's studies than to be taught by one of the greatest minds in England and at this time, whence we hath so, so much time." He sighed, too, too much time. How he longed to get on his stallion, Gypsy and ride and ride and ride. He loved to ride. He is missed the country.

      TAG Lady Jane Grey

      --- In lady_jane_grey_rpg@yahoogroups.com, "CandyM" <candy_rashelle_mason@...> wrote:
      > Jane nodded and slipped her hand out of his and returned to her seat across the table, picking up her hand of discarded cards. She took a small sip of her wine and glanced over to her husband. Cards was not her favorite pass time, but she did it because it pleased him. And it was her wifely duty to please him.
      > If only his mother did not think so low of her. It was not secret that his mother did not like the Lady Jane Grey Dudley, but Jane was worried how she would react to finding out Jane was with child. Last she had heard, Guildford had orders not to lay with her because she was an ungrateful snip who had not given him the crown matrimonal. But she could not have done it. At the time, Guildford was not ready for the crown, neither was herself. But now...she was just glad it was not her burden to bear.
      > Jane longed for another audience with her cousin and this time in private so she could try to appeal to the Queen's since of fairness and promise her undying loyalty and support and promice to embrace the "true religion" because it would make her all the more less appitising a canadite if she were not protestant.
      > Jane watched the card game play out taking little intrest in it. A book sat on the table and she could not help but to want to read it. It was an old copy of plato that had been a favorite of hers for a while. Little Mary had seen fit to send it to her and she could not help but be thankful to her favorite little sister. But she must do as her husband comands because he was her master.
      > No she didn't give that title away to a man lightly, but Lord Guildford Dudley had earned it. He had taken control of her in this situation and proved his love for her. And in turn she gave him her love, her devotion, and her unwavering obidence. All that it took to make Jane yours was a little love that she had been so starved of.
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