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504Re: Queen Mary's Coronation

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  • CandyM
    Jan 4, 2010
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      Mary nodded, "And we are glad to see you rise so high. Your Grace is our favorite cousin. Our mother speaks most kindly of you. And our grandmother was great friends with your own mother, Queen Katherine. It is a happy day today. I know, from what I have heard, that she would be very proud of you today. For this is what she had dreamed of for you." Mary smiled at the Queen. She wanted to mention how she wished Jane could be here, because she knew after King Edward, god rest his soul, and perhaps herself, Jane loved no one else in the world as well as Mary I. They may have different opinions when it comes to religion, but Jane still loved her cousin. That is why, mary believe, Jane did not want the crown. And she did not want it, they all knew that, because it belonged to her loved cousin, Mary.
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