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497Re: Lord and Lady Dudley's Rooms

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  • Catalina
    Jan 4, 2010
      "What she is going to do today is enjoy her Coronation. As to what she is going to do in the future, I do not know. But what I think she may do is keep us here in the Tower forever and I must be realistic with you, wife. All we can hope is that she does not behead us and steal the child from us. This is too much for my head, Jane. I can bear to think of the future. That is why there is a part of me that is terrified that you art with child. I would not hath the child stolen from us but she is Queen and if she wishes to remove the child from us, so she shall. I can not imagine you headless, Jane." A terrified look came into his eyes. It was not good when Lord Guildford Dudley acquired this look. He drank back his wine and ordered for another goblet. "Let us take it one day at a time, Jame. Let us enjoy what we do hath, this time together. At least, the Queen has made sure that we art together and not separated."

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      > Jane took her glass of wine and took a small sip, "She won't ever forgive us for what we have done will she?" Jane's voice quivered just a bit at the thought of being kept in the Tower for the rest of her life, "And now with the baby coming, Guildford...if it's a boy...Guildford, what is she going to do to us?" These questions had haunted Jane's mind for a while. She was worried. She cared little for her own life, but her child's and her husband's were very dear to her.
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