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Suave commercial is Awesome!!

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  • Linda F. Palmer
    Someone miss-read the Suave commercial and started negative rumor but I want to give heads-up. I have dvr and can assure you, this commercial is awesome for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 21, 2008
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      Someone miss-read the Suave commercial and started negative rumor but I want to give heads-up. I have dvr and can assure you, this commercial is awesome for breastfeeding, placing it not only as something normal and beautiful to see on TV but something we can joke about as well. I was blown-away with joy. It first shows a beautiful happy mom with a baby at her breast --- her gown is open, breasts showing, and the baby is clearly nipple level at a bare breast. There are two bright happy pops of this, then the purple words come on saying that 62% of women say that "having a baby" left their hair and breasts flat --- it didn't say breastfeeding -- and it's all a little sillyish. Then they say that Suave can leave them fuller. Then we see the mom again with fuller hair and her breasts are still nicely perky with baby at them. But now you look at the breasts (and this time there's a bit of gown above baby's mouth --- maybe open nursing bra or maybe baby's not nursing at this moment but anyway...)  and breasts do look "full" and could have been perky because she's breastfeeding. That's what I thought. Regardless, the next time you watch (for those who miss it the first time) you're going to watch her breasts and notice that she's been breastfeeding right there in front of you. Either way, there's no intonation that breastfeeding was causing any flatness (though some may read it the way poster did). The latest media headline about breastfeeding not causing sagging breasts leads to info that suggests that pregancy (and smoking and other things) may cause breasts to sag, but not breastfeeding. This commercial, on the heels of that headline, could very well be tongue-in-cheek that the bf was giving fuller breasts. Regardless, there they are, a bright, smiling, beautiful (frontal mother, back of baby) breastfeeding pair popping out on your TV screen as normal and unembarrased as could be. Thanks you Suave!!!!
      author "Baby Matters"
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