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FW: [wicbfnet] Breastfeeding Issue

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      Subject: [wicbfnet] Breastfeeding Issue


      Hi everyone,

      I wanted to let everyone know what happened with the company Checks In The Mail.  Recently I placed an order for business checks for the Breastfeeding Resource Center of Miami, Inc.  I wanted to get them personalized with a breastfeeding picture.  A couple of weeks after I placed the order I was notified that there was a problem with the order.  I called to find out what happened and I was told that the order had been canceled due to an inappropriate picture.  I asked for an explanation and they said there was some nipple or breast showing and they could not print the picture.  I was very upset and sent a letter with the breastfeeding law attached.  Several more conversation in sued, but they hedged around the issue.  Finally I decided to go to Channel 7- WSVN.  Help Me Howard decided  this was worth looking into and will air the results today.   

      I spoke with Checks In The Mail Corporate communications on Friday.  Terry Dobbs said that they would not print the picture and CITM had the right to refuse any picture.  I pressed for more information and asked why they could not print.  She said, "They have to draw the line somewhere and this was the line." She went on to say, "They must set a presitence."  I pushed further and asked what line and what would happen if they printed.  I asked her to describe the kind of picture they may be asked to make if they printed.  I told her I wanted to make sure I got it right because I would be quoting her.  She said and I quote, "someone may want to print pictures, like two consenting adults- you know"  Of course I was shocked and told her she was comparing breastfeeding to sex. She said it wasn't a breastfeeding issue.  You decide!

      Since this happened both Deluxe Checks and Unique Checks said they have no problem printing a breastfeeding picture!

      Here is the picture in question.  Please pass this on.

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      Heidi C. Agostinho, Ph.D, IBCLC
      Breastfeeding Resource Center of Miami

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