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FW: [StateBFC] Round 2 from the International Formula Council

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  • Janice Reynolds
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      Subject: [StateBFC] Round 2 from the International Formula Council


      Here is another website sponsored by the International Formula Council.

      http://www.babyfeed ingchoice. org/index. html

      They link to momsfeedingfreedom:


      "Moms all over the country are weighing in on issues related to infant feeding.  One such mom from Massachusetts recently launched a web site that offers a blog and forum for moms to exchange ideas on current infant feeding issues.  Please visit www.momsfeedingfree dom.com to interact with other moms, share your story, and find out what you can do to play an active role in shaping current infant feeding issues in your area."

      It appears that the formula companies have hired PR firms to start doing damage control and divert the issue from marketing tactic to withholding formula feeding information from mothers. Although in looking at the 2006 Ross products breastfeeding data it seems that breastfeeding rates are dropping. Any breastfeeding is now down to 63.6% from a high of 70.1% in 2002. Exclusive breastfeeding in hospital dropped to 38.4% from a high of 46.3% in 2001. This steady erosion of exclusive breastfeeding is helped along by an industry who sells more formula by working to "sell" less breast milk. It must be working as even the CDC data shows that exclusive breastfeeding is making no progress.

      Supplementation of breastfed babies in some hospitals is now up to 50%. Why can't these babies be exclusively breastfed in hospital? What's contributing to such high amounts of supplementation? What can we be doing to reverse this problem?

      Marsha Walker, RN, IBCLC
      Weston, MA

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