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FW: Children for Breastfeeding Invites you to join Synchonized Breastfeeding Worldwide

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  • Lisa Carey
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2007
      > Dear Breastfeeding Mothers, Advocates, Counselors and IBCLCs,
      > Children for Breastfeeding, Inc., a Philippine-based advocacy group
      > you to join us to establish a new record for �The most women in
      > breastfeeding around the world.�
      > Children for Breastfeeding, Inc. proposed and was authorized by the
      > World Records Ltd. to initiate the event. Previously, our organization
      > broke the world record for the most women simultaneously breastfeeding in
      > single site (3,541 with the City of Manila and Nurturers of the Earth in
      > 2006), and in multiple sites (about 14,000 as of the last count in more
      > 400 sites throughout the Philippines this year). The first attempt of
      > synchronized breastfeeding is tentatively scheduled on August 7, 2007
      > the World Breastfeeding Week.
      > We are calling for volunteers to be national coordinators to submit to us
      > their national tally and the necessary documents. Thus far, New Zealand,
      > Greece and India have committed to join the attempt. You can create your
      > web section for this event like New Zealand. Please visit their site:
      > http://www.womens-health.org.nz/breastfeed/bfweek2007.htm
      > <http://www.womens-health.org.nz/breastfeed/bfweek2007.htm>
      > Nurturers of the Earth, our event coordinator will put up a website for
      > event. We will announce if the website is already online. Meanwhile,
      > visit the website they put up for Guinness World Record on Simultaneous
      > Breastfeeding in Multiple Sites at http://www.breastfeedingphilippines.com
      > to know more about our organizations. Click Sabay-sabay, Sumuso sa Nanay
      > banner to know more about our simultaneous breastfeeding in multiple
      > The purpose of this activity is to encourage breastfeeding EVERYWHERE IN
      > WORLD as a world prayer of thanksgiving for the gift of motherhood and
      > breastfeeding. We also aim to promote it as the only perfect means to
      > nurture our children to better health, and as the most far-reaching and
      > cheapest strategy for the alleviation of poverty. This is especially
      > in an impoverished Third World country inveigled by propaganda to use its
      > meager resources to import formula milk from cows at the cost of its
      > and abandoning breastfeeding which is free and nutritious unlike formula
      > milk.
      > This attempt will be done with the spirit of cooperation rather than
      > competition, to advance the breastfeeding movement. Because of the
      > time zones in the world, it is necessary to stagger the times of
      > participation, like the celebration of New Year, to the same designated
      > in every time zone, over a period of 24 hours, starting from the country
      > initiating the attempt. For example, the attempt is first initiated in
      > Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Beijing and Hong Kong at 10 am local
      > an hour later in the next time zone, 10 am local time in Tokyo and Seoul;
      > the next hour at 10 am local time in Melbourne, Guam and Vladivostok;
      > etcetera, etcetera, for 24 hours till the attempt is made at 10 am local
      > time the next day in New Zealand, Bangkok, Hanoi and Jakarta.
      > According to the Philippine proposal, there will be no minimum in the
      > of sites required and no minimum in number of nursing women required in
      > site. Since the advent of the Internet and the computer, it is now
      > to document any event simultaneously in the entire world accurately,
      > expeditiously, and in real time. Participation forms may be downloaded
      > anywhere through the Internet, the attempts documented with two
      > witnesses at each site, and the results sent back to the initiator through
      > e-mail. Even the attempt of one lone nursing mother in her own house with
      > the required witnesses, may thus be documented. To avoid confusion and
      > cross-purposes, there will be only one attempt authorized by Guinness to
      > proceed at any designated time and date.
      > We hope you can experience people and faith power in this unique Filipino
      > way!
      > Yours truly,
      > Elvira L. Henares-Esguerra, MD, FPDS, RPh, IBCLC
      > Director
      > Children for Breastfeeding, Inc.
      > Mobilizing Children to Support Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers
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