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2043Re: New Wisconsin breastfeeding legislation

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  • Laurel
    Feb 18, 2010
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      I believe you are correct from what it looks like, Jake. I was under the impression that "may not interfere" was still in the final wording of the bill, but it looks like the final wording is more like this:

      253.16 Right to breast-feed. A mother may breast-feed her child in any
      public or private location where the mother and child are otherwise
      authorized to be. In such a location, no person may prohibit a mother
      from breast-feeding her child, direct a mother to move to another location to breast-feed her child, direct a mother to cover her child or breast while breast-feeding, or otherwise restrict a mother from breast-feeding."

      Perhaps I should email Rep. Pasch's office and ask? This is still pretty strong language, correct?


      --- In lactivism@yahoogroups.com, Jake Marcus <jake.a.marcus@...> wrote:
      > Hi all-
      > From what I can tell, the final version is actually this:
      > http://www.legis.state.wi.us/2009/data/lc_amdt/ab057.pdf . Laurel, that link
      > is the bill *prior* to some significant amendments (and very different from
      > a different bill I saw last year). The WI legislative website is confusing
      > so it is hard to tell that the hotlink for the bill is the bill *as
      > introduced* and not the bill *as passed*.
      > Yours,
      > Jake Marcus
      > On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 9:39 PM, Laurel <breathe@...> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > The Wisconsin public breastfeeding bill just passed the final stage and is
      > > on the way to the Governor's desk who says he plans to sign it. The wording
      > > includes "may not interfere" in the bill!
      > > Wording of the bill:
      > > http://www.legis.state.wi.us/2009/data/AB-57.pdf
      > >
      > > Press Release from the co-sponsor of the bill:
      > >
      > > Rep. Pasch Applauds Senate Passage of Breastfeeding Legislation
      > >
      > > Legislation will protect breastfeeding mothers from intimidation and
      > > harassment, facilitate improved health of infants and mothers
      > >
      > > MADISON—Representative Sandy Pasch (D-Whitefish Bay) applauded the Senate
      > > passage of Assembly Bill 57—otherwise known at the Right to Breastfeed
      > > Act—with broad support on Tuesday. Rep. Pasch introduced this legislation
      > > which will allow a woman to breastfeed in any public or private place, where
      > > she and her child are otherwise authorized to be, without interference.
      > >
      > > "The reality that such a bill is necessary is unfortunate, but mothers
      > > across the state continue to encounter harassment while breastfeeding their
      > > children," said Rep. Pasch, the lead Assembly author of the bill. "Senator
      > > Fred Risser has demonstrated tremendous leadership as the Senate author of
      > > this legislation, and I thank the Senate for their support of this
      > > legislation which protects breastfeeding mothers from intimidation and
      > > harassment while helping facilitate improved health of infants and mothers
      > > alike."
      > >
      > > Healthy People 2010, a program coordinated through the U.S. Department of
      > > Health and Human Services, has a goal of increasing the number of women who
      > > breastfeed at birth to 75%, and at six months of age to 50%. Wisconsin has a
      > > long way to go to reach those goals—just 62% of Wisconsin mothers breastfeed
      > > at birth, and only 22% continue for five to six months.
      > >
      > > "Breastfeeding provides the most complete form of nutrition for infants and
      > > has been shown to decrease rates of pre-menopausal breast cancer, ovarian
      > > cancer, type 2 diabetes, and osteoporosis in mothers," noted Rep. Pasch, a
      > > nurse for over 30 years. "The evidence behind the health benefits of
      > > breastfeeding is overwhelming, so we must do all we can to encourage mothers
      > > to engage in this behavior."
      > >
      > > According to the Center for Urban Population Health, the number of infants
      > > who die within their first year of life in Milwaukee is higher than the
      > > city's number of homicides. Further, African American babies are at the same
      > > risk of dying as babies born in Albania, Sri Lanka, and Thailand in some
      > > parts of the city. The Wisconsin Partnership Program also notes that
      > > Wisconsin's rank for African American infant mortality has fallen from among
      > > the best in the country to third worst.
      > >
      > > "It is well-documented that breastfeeding reduces infant mortality rates,
      > > so I hope this legislation will help facilitate efforts to combat these
      > > tragic and preventable deaths," said Rep. Pasch. "43 other states have
      > > passed laws with language that specifically allows a woman to breastfeed in
      > > any public or private location, and Wisconsin is now one step closer to
      > > finally joining these ranks. We must not interfere with this natural act and
      > > indeed, we must promote it—for the health of the child, the mother, and our
      > > state."
      > >
      > > Assembly Bill 57 has passed through both houses of the Legislature and now
      > > heads to Governor Doyle's desk for his signature.
      > >
      > >
      > >
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