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2025Re: [lactivism] Re: Breastfeeding Promotion Act 2009 - Is this the year?!

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  • Marshalact@aol.com
    Jun 3, 2009
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      The introduction of the bill is on June 11. A companion bill will be
      introduced in the Senate. As soon as the bill receives a number, the US
      Breastfeeding Committee will have a mechanism on its website to send a
      letter to your legislators requesting them to sign on to the bill.
      Writing before there is a bill number is ineffective.

      Marsha Walker

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      Subject: [lactivism] Re: Breastfeeding Promotion Act 2009 - Is this the

      Is there a schedule of events for tomorrow? Can you post the
      information as to where/when to meet for the nurse-in?

      --- In lactivism@yahoogroups.com, Walter Chappel <wchappel@...> wrote:
      > Heads up ladies,
      > I have been contacted by Rep. Maloney's office again. They are in the
      > planning stages for another press conference and reintro of the bill
      > this month. As soon as I have further details (they are asking me to
      > organize the "nurse-in" portion as I have in the past and get as many
      > supporters/activists on Capitol Hill as possible) I will let you know
      > you can rev up your contacts/organizations. I would really like to
      > a pre-press conference push by all of us to get mothers calling their
      > Reps. to get more co-sponsors onto the bill and more of those Reps.
      > show up for the press conference. Last time we had only Maloney,
      > (who isn't even in office any more and was a consistent strong
      > supporter) and Ellison. The Democratic Party controls everything now
      > and we need to hold them accountable. No more excuses, this is the
      > year! I am hoping Rep. Maloney's plan is to try to piggyback onto the
      > legislation the House just past giving 4 weeks paid leave to Federal
      > employees. Looking forward to a big push from all of you lovely,
      > lactivist leaders!
      > Regards,
      > Lorrie Leigh
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