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2015Breastfeeding Promotion Act 2009 - Is this the year?!

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  • Walter Chappel
    May 4, 2009
      Heads up ladies,

      I have been contacted by Rep. Maloney's office again. They are in the
      planning stages for another press conference and reintro of the bill
      this month. As soon as I have further details (they are asking me to
      organize the "nurse-in" portion as I have in the past and get as many
      supporters/activists on Capitol Hill as possible) I will let you know so
      you can rev up your contacts/organizations. I would really like to see
      a pre-press conference push by all of us to get mothers calling their
      Reps. to get more co-sponsors onto the bill and more of those Reps. to
      show up for the press conference. Last time we had only Maloney, Shays
      (who isn't even in office any more and was a consistent strong
      supporter) and Ellison. The Democratic Party controls everything now
      and we need to hold them accountable. No more excuses, this is the
      year! I am hoping Rep. Maloney's plan is to try to piggyback onto the
      legislation the House just past giving 4 weeks paid leave to Federal
      employees. Looking forward to a big push from all of you lovely,
      lactivist leaders!


      Lorrie Leigh
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