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1903Follow-Up on Pirate's Cove Breastfeeding

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  • Irene Sayegh
    Jul 1 7:30 AM

      A follow-up from the mom who was breastfeeding at Pirate’s Cove:


      This morning, I spoke with Derric Bolton, the Risk Manager from the
      Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NVRPA), which operates
      Pirate's Cove. I told him what happened on Friday, and before I even
      had a chance to point out the Virginia legislation, he assured me
      that breastfeeding is allowed at all NVRPA facilities, and that what
      happened was just an ill-informed lifeguard responding to a patron's
      complaint. He told me that this kind of thing has happened once or
      twice before and that he would be meeting TODAY with the operations
      managers to flesh out a formal policy which will allow breastfeeding
      (in compliance with the commonwealth' s rules for it's facilities) and
      will provide training for all staff members regarding how to deal
      with complaints from patrons about public breastfeeding, should they
      arise, such that breastfeeding mothers are never disturbed. He said
      the words I had hoped to hear, almost verbatim!

      He was incredibly apologetic and said "please come back to Pirate's
      Cove, and when you baby needs to eat, PLEASE feed him!" I was
      impressed, and I can't wait for another visit!

      All of that aside, I'm going to pursue seeing the VA legislation
      become somewhat more clear. What I've learned is that the state
      legislators write a whole bunch of vague laws and then leave it up to
      the judges to interpret them. Ideally, that is what is supposed to
      happen, but the statues are so vague, that it leaves the judiciary in
      the position of "creating" laws from some poorly written framework--
      what is NOT supposed to happen. I'm not going to continue this
      discussion in this thread, to avoid boring people, but if anyone is
      interested in talking more about the current statues, specifically
      the second clause in 2.2-1147.1 which added breastfeeding to the
      list of Human Rights the state protects, I'd love to refine my position.