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1794Universal Studios Florida apologies to breastfeeding mom

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  • Janice Reynolds
    Nov 2, 2007
      The Florida news media are following up on the story now:

      (see link for full article and TV news video clip)

      "We were just in the park sitting down and I was breastfeeding Kalli and a
      park employee, Meahgn, came over and said to me I have to cover up or I will
      be escorted out of Universal Studios," Cruz told Eyewitness News.

      Suddenly, her conversation with one employee turned into a confrontation
      with security guards.

      "I said, 'You know what, go ahead, call security and for that matter, call
      your lawyers as well, because these are human rights issues,'" Cruz said.

      "Cheryl Cruz was really caught off guard in the situation. She is from St.
      John's, Newfoundland, Canada. She said, unlike in America, public breast
      feeding there is a common sight.

      From another Florida media outlet;
      (see link for full article and TV news video clip)

      Partial quote:

      A Canadian breast-feeding expert said she believes what happened to Cruz
      wouldn't have happened in Canada.

      "I think we are a little more relaxed," Lorraine Burrage, co-chairwoman of
      NL Breastfeeding Coalition, said. "We are changing. It's just that we don't
      have a lot of role models of breast-feeding in our society."

      [Janice here again - Just to be clear, these incidents DO happen in Canada,
      although perhaps less frequently. Recently an Ontario mom was asked to
      cover or move in from beside a pool at a YMCA, and she has filed a Human
      Rights Complaint, which is slowly proceeding.]

      Janice Reynolds
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