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Fwd: [OWBN-OOC] "Dodge" Retests vs. ST Chops - OWBN Community Support

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  • Chris Barrs
    If the ST s are going to honor these it s a great cause Chris YFNCR ... From: Linsey Guertin Date: Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 7:54 AM
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      If the ST's are going to honor these it's a great cause


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      From: Linsey Guertin <linsey.guertin@...>
      Date: Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 7:54 AM
      Subject: [OWBN-OOC] "Dodge" Retests vs. ST Chops - OWBN Community Support
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      Good morning OWBN,

      Please feel free to share this with other lists as well.

      On December 11th, just a few days shy of his first wedding
      anniversary, one of the local gamers and STs, John Griffin, was struck
      in a head on collision on his way to work. His injuries kept him in
      the ICU for a week, and he wasn't released to home care until shortly
      before Christmas. More information on the accident can be found here:

      Griff has a very long road ahead of him with regards to recovery, and
      during that time, he will be out of work. He works as a school teacher
      in Marion County, along with his wife, Lindsay.

      John and Lindsay have been gaming in OWBN for many, many years, and
      John has been an ST for the local Anarch game for several years as
      well. One of John's most well known characters was the Reverend Dodge.
      As such, and in the same light as the Batman and Sooper-Mad Retests,
      we've put together the "Dodge Retest vs. ST chops" to raise some funds
      to assist the Griffins as they work towards recovery.

      The retests will be $5.00 for one retest, and all funds can be sent
      via Paypal to OWBN.Dodge.Retests@... Direct donations can also
      be sent there.

      Any questions can be sent to that address as well.

      If your game would like to participate, please contact me at either
      OWBN.Dodge.Retests@... or Linsey.Guertin@... to get the
      retests file for you to print up the item cards.

      Sent on behalf of the staffs of Gainesville: The New Confederacy,
      Ocala: Hell is Taken, and St. Augstine: On Haunted Ground

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