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    ... From: Anne Zellmer Date: Nov 1, 2011 1:36 PM Subject: [owbn-cam-ooc] Information for Midwinter Gaming Convention - OWbN Players
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      Date: Nov 1, 2011 1:36 PM
      Subject: [owbn-cam-ooc] Information for Midwinter Gaming Convention - OWbN Players
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      Please forward this on to any player attending the event.  I will post this to the ST and Cam-OOC lists.  Thank you!   ~ Anne Zellmer


      Midwinter Gaming Convention Reminders for One World by Night Players:


      Number one and most important...Please be respectful of the hotel staff and the other patrons staying at the venue.  While we do have the vast majority of rooms booked, there will be other people present who are not part of our group.  Please do not jump out of elevators and scare small children.  Please also remember to be respectful to your fellow players and to the staff running the events.  We want everyone to have an amazing time!  
      Character Sheets
      Character sheets must be sent to
      MilwaukeeStorytellers@yahoogroups.com no later than 1/8/12.  Please have your Storytelling staff submit sheets in one of the following formats: .gex (preferred), .rtf, or .pdf. Sheets sent after the deadline WILL NOT be printed out and will have to go through on-site check in.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  Please, please, please…always bring a stamped copy of your character sheet along just in case…better safe than sorry.


      Our House Rules are available on our website http://milwaukeenocturnalrapture.owbn.net/index.htm, and we will have copies available at check in as well.  Below are just a few items specific to this event.


      Multiple Characters


      Each player is allowed to portray only one PC per night for the weekend.  The only exception to this rule will be if the player has a secondary character they would like to take to a clan meeting.  In such a circumstance, the secondary PC may only be portrayed for the duration of the meeting, after which time the primary PC must be the character portrayed.  Only one ancillary character may be submitted for the duration of the event and any character signed into the event will be considered signed in for the entire weekend, and adjudicatable by the event staff.   


      Item Cards
      Please make certain you have your cards sorted before check-in, we will only be stamping those cards which you actually have physically on your character.  
      ALL weapons must have the statistics straight out of Dark Epics.  Any weapon brought to game with more than the basic stats will be dropped down to Dark Epics traits for the duration of the event.  Please note, this does NOT include weapons with magical qualities, which will be dealt with individually at check-in. 
      No item cards for Pebble from the Mountain cast by NPC's of other chronicles will be allowed into the event.  Any cards for Inscription created at the event will expire at dawn of the night it was cast.  Any active rituals must be cast by a PC signed into the event, this includes Chill of the Oblivion and other such rituals.  The caster must submit a list of people receiving said ritual to remain on file with the ST staff.  
      Home Grown Rituals/Custom Combo Disciplines
      Some chronicles are allowing Combo Powers that either do not have a MET write-up, or are home brewed.  Players MUST have their ST's send an electronic copy of their write-up no later than 1/8/12 (along with the sheet would be great!). Players must also have a stamped copy of this write-up with them during the event as well.  In the interest of fair play, all custom combo disciplines/rituals will have a write-up on file available to all players.  Originating character names will not be included, and if you are not comfortable having your power listed that is fine, but you will not be allowed to use said power during the event.


      All characters with Home Grown Rituals must submit an electronic write up of said ritual to MilwaukeeStorytellers@yahoogroups.com by their Storytelling Staff no later than 1/8/12.  If we do not have a printed write up of the ritual we will not allow its use during the event. 


      There will be no exceptions made to late submissions with custom powers/rituals.


      Fair Escape/After Game Scenes


      Once a character is signed into the event, they are considered adjuticatable for the entirety of the weekend.  You will only need to sign in once, and blood and will refresh each night.  If fair escape is called, the player must immediately inform the HST.  Only the HST can approve fair escape and will be the final arbiter in determining if a PC is able to fair escape.  Please note that if fair escape is approved, at no point during the rest of the weekend is that PC allowed to interact on any level at the event.  This includes phone calls. 
      Any scene run after game wrap MUST have an ST present if combat is going to result from the interaction.   HOWEVER, it is up to you to find an ST willing to run a scene after game wrap.  No ST is required to run scenes after 12am unless it is their choice.   Any scene run after game wrap without an ST will be restricted to soft role-play and all parties involved must consent to the scene.  Scenes involving character death must always have a Storyteller present. 
      **Under no circumstances will Milwaukee allow any scenes to be run under the jurisdiction of another chronicle or coordinator for the duration of the Midwinter Gaming Convention.   If you want to have your home chronicle ST or a Coordinator run a scene, or if you are an ST or Coord/SubCoord and want to run a scene outside of the jurisdiction of Milwaukee, you MUST wait until after the event is completely over.   Due to problems in the past this is a hard and fast rule, disciplinary action will result in any violations.**

      Thank you in advance for being mindful of everything stated above.  This will help our event run smoothly and be enjoyable for all.  See you soon!
      ~ Anne Zellmer
      HST Milwaukee: Nocturnal Rapture


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