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  • Dean
    For enquiring minds.  Dean CM La Crosse; the River s Edge If you call yourself wise, not only are you a fool, you are a fool and a liar, if you call yourself
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      For enquiring minds.
      CM La Crosse; the River's Edge
      "If you call yourself wise, not only are you a fool, you are a fool and a liar, if you call yourself a fool, there is a chance you might be wrong."

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      THANK YOU.
      MOD TEAM

      ----------Guidelines for the OWbN-Cam listserv----------

      1. This list is a communication channel for verified Camarilla members. It is not an e-mail listserv. This list is IN-CHARACTER, please keep it that way - there is an OOC list you can subscribe to for OOC posts (owbn-cam-ooc@yahoogroups.com).

      1a. Mistakes do happen, please check your to: field before hitting send. A first OOC post will get you an annoying warning. An OOC posting that is intentional will be sent an email asking you to stop. Continued posting will get an email sent to you and your ST, and may result in a temporary ban from the list. If there is repeated OOC posts after the Cam Coord or a Mod has said stop, the list will be put into moderation for a period of two weeks. If a player continues to post oocly the list, they will be put on moderation or may be banned from the list for a length of time to be determined.

      2. Anyone found to be abusing the list (i.e. character has died, is now playing a non-cam character and stays on list, etc.) will be subject to the OWbN disciplinary policy.

      3. Anonymous posting is NOT allowed on this list without prior approval from the List Moderator and notification to the OWbN-ST / OWbN-Council Lists. Anonymous does not mean just forgetting to sign your name, it means a post that comes from an undisclosed source or from an un-registered e-mail account. Posts of this nature will be immediately red-lined and the offending user removed from the list.

      3a. You must sign all emails and include any status modifiers. If you cannot remember to sign your emails properly, you will receive an annoyed letter from the overworked moderators. Should this not be reminder enough the player in question may be placed on moderation or removed from the list.

      4. If your E-MAIL ADDRESS changes, please notify the moderators (owbn-cam-mods@...) of the change so it can be recorded. Otherwise you may accidentally get removed from the listserv because we do not recognize it.

      5. *PLEASE* Remember to cut down posts so that you do not have a "trailer" of 16+ e-mails in the text of your reply. Leaving pertinent information is fine, sending out a 4 page document with a once sentence reply from you and the other 3.9 pages being other peoples previous e-mails is not. It also makes those people who get Digest have to scroll through mass amounts of unnecessary text.

      6. Also, PLEASE remember to change your Subject line if the subject changes.

      7. If your character dies, PLEASE email us and let us know to take it out of the database.

      8. This list is moderated by volunteers, please do not be rude to them. If a player is incapable of communicating in a respectful manner with the moderators they may be banned from the list for a length of time to be determined at the time of the incident. Players who are banned from the list will not be permitted back for a length of time less than 6 months and reviewed only at the storyteller's request.

      ---OWbN-Cam is NOT a e-mail listserv In Character (IC)---

      This list represents written notes & letters, word of mouth, ghoul deliveries, couriers, etc. between the characters on this list. It's use in and of itself does not endanger the Masquerade. Do not look directly at the fourth wall.

      ---Characters MUST be Camarilla---

      Your character must be a valid and verified Camarilla member in order to monitor, receive messages or send messages to this listserv. Any attempts at infiltration must be approved by the Camarilla Coordinator.

      ---Character Death or Inability to receive messages---

      If your PC dies or becomes incapable of receiving messages from this list, you are responsible for removing yourself from the forum immediately.


      Etiquette is meant to correct social faux pas; it does not make entire missives vanish. It must be spent within a reasonable amount of time after the error occured, within hours -- not days.

      Etiquette may be expended to correct social faux pas such as typos, incorrect titles, etc.

      Etiquette may NOT be spent to retract an entire message or say that your character did not send an e-mail out. This is considered an accident, not a social faux pas and therefore Etiqutte does NOT apply.


      Sharing or Use of any Lores above Level 1 on this listserv is not permitted. For definitions of what is Level 1, please refer to the Lore Levels in Dark Epics. If you are not sure of the level of information, don't post it.

      The first violation will result in a warning sent to you and your STs.

      The second violation of this will result in your removal from the listserv.


      Expending a Level of Politics (Ability) will get you another person’s Status.

      Prestigious Sires and Reputations can not be gained by expending Politics; those things are common knowledge and should be included whenever someone sends out an email.

      ---Status & Prestation---

      Characters must sign their name at the end of their emails so they know to whom to direct their replies.

      Any Status-related Merits or Flaws such as Noteriety, Reputation, Prestigious/Infamous/Insane Sire must be included in the signature, at that information is public knowledge.

      Players and STs should consult the OWbN Camarilla Status Packet for all Status and Prestation Rules and how to publicly list status.

      Politics must be spent to gain knowledge of another Kindred's standing if they do not list it publicly.

      All rules pertaining to Status and Prestation are to be observed and followed while on the list.

      Characters stripped of their Acknowledgement or who have chosen to renounce their Acknowledgement must remove themselves from the List and will need to go through the applying process again should they become Acknowledged again.


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      <*> To change settings online go to:
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