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  • Lil Joe
    ... From: Gale Daggs [mailto:gdaggs5@charter.net] Sudan is located in Northern Africa, bordering the Red Sea, between Egypt and Eritrea. The terrain of Sudan
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 26, 2004
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      From: Gale Daggs [mailto:gdaggs5@...]

      Sudan is located in Northern Africa, bordering the Red Sea, between Egypt
      and Eritrea. The terrain of Sudan is generally flat, featureless plain;
      mountains in east and west.

      Climate: Sudan is tropical in south; arid desert in north; rainy season
      (April to October)

      The present conflict in western Sudan, Darfor began as a conflict between
      pastoralists and agriculturalists. The pastroralists are the janjaweed and
      the agriculturalists are the so-called rebels or peasant army, the JEM,
      (Justice and Equality Movement) who have been corrupted by their association
      with the SPLA or Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army in the South that has just
      signed a peace agreement with the North referred to as the Arab North and
      the South as the animist and sometimes Christian South.

      All the people of Sudan are practically the same skin color although in the
      North there maybe more variation in skin colors than in other parts of Sudan
      due to Arab invasion about the 8th century. Although there are many
      languages in Sudan, Arabic is spoken in all parts of the country.

      There is an effort underway by American Christian groups to Anglicize the
      Southern Sudan by supplying weapons to fight the North, that tried to
      institute Sahria(Islamic law).( since then this point has been negotiated to
      not include the South. The negotiated settlement between the National
      Islamic Front (North Sudan) and the Sudanese Peoples Liberation Front (South
      Sudan) states that the South can hold a referendum in 5 years as to whether
      they want to create separate state.

      Christian American organizations and the American government have been
      supplying Bibles translated into Arabic and arms respectively to the people
      of Southern Sudan as well as teaching English. The Israelis have been
      supplying weapons and logistical support. Since Rev. and former Senator now
      ambassador to the UN John Danforth, helped to negotiate a settlement between
      the North and South Sudan, the United States acting through its proxy the
      SPLA, has decided to continue the war by other means: supplying the rebels
      of the Western Sudan (Darfor) or JEM with weapons and logistical support to
      continue the war with the Janjaweed, the JEM or rebels refuse to even sit
      down to the table to talk with the North about the Janjaweed until all their
      demands are met, although the Sudanese government has sent in 5000 troops to
      protect the people of Darfor. The U.S. House of Rep is charging the
      National Islamic Front with "Genocide". And the UN and the EU has been
      threatening to do the same.

      Under the 4th Geneva Convention, the UN charter under such a charge by that
      body would legally allow any country to intervene militarily. The U.S. and
      Britain is avoiding the mistake it made on Iraq by not getting the consent
      to the international community for intervention, so far the UN, the EU.
      Australia and New Zealand are making proposals to send troops.

      The United States government has a covert policy to intervene or control
      every government where oil is located and to at the same time act in the
      interests of the Israelis' to contain the power and influence of Arab states
      so that it can do whatever it wants in Palestine. The Christian Right is
      also acting in this geopolitical "game" providing aid, education and
      propaganda for Israel and the US through Bible scripture feed to their
      adherents and thus the US voters.

      Oil is located in the Sudan in the North, the South and the central part of
      Sudan. The JEM is refusing to negotiate in the interests of the US, to
      prolong the disaster in Darfor such that a claim of genocide may rise to the
      level of internationally legal norms of describing such a claim. Although
      the North is not to blame for this local dispute over grazing and
      agricultural land and is doing much to contain the janjaweed, it is claimed
      that the National Islamic Front that controls the government originally
      supplied the janjaweed.
      This supplies the US and the British along with their allies with rationale
      for invasion. Additionally, this is the rainy season in Darfor and roads
      are difficult to non-existent, the aid agencies are having difficulty
      traversing the terrain for these reasons, not wholly for obstruction by the
      government. There is no doubt that there is a disaster in progress but not
      for the reasons propagandized in the western press. Darfor is so obscure
      until many other news agencies around the world have been unable to give a
      more accurate accounting of happenings in the region.

      Largest Oil finds in Sudan are in the North and the oil fields there are
      operated by an oil company composed of the Chinese, the Malaysians and the
      Canadians who have bought various amounts of interests. The Sudanese
      government controls 5%. The Anglo-American gang of the US and UK wants to
      be the sole power behind the control of the world's oil as the North Sea
      supplies and other areas dry-up and to literally hold the whole world in its
      hand and shut-down economies when ever it deems as it has done in North
      Korea. Socialism has not so much failed in the world, as the western
      countries have created punitive consequences for not adopting economies of
      private ownership. Globalization of lending practices by multinational
      institutions like the IMF and the World Bank and their prescriptive
      structural adjustment programs are simply a further elaboration of the
      efforts of the world capitalist class to advance opportunities for
      themselves. The move on Sudan is another cog in the wheel of capitalist
      advance with Britain and the US in the driver's seat. Gale Daggs
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