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Fwd: Spread the word--Sir! No Sir! will be available July 15th on DVD!!

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  • Michael Novick
    From: David Zeiger, Director of Sir! No Sir! - Displaced Films 17ca1a2.jpg If I had seen this film while I was in Iraq , things would
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2006
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      From: "David Zeiger, Director of Sir! No Sir! - Displaced Films"


      If I had seen this film while I was in Iraq , things would have been much
      -Garett Reppenhagen, Army Sniper and OIF Veteran. Co-Founder of Iraq
      Veterans Against the War

      This is powerful stuff, offering us not only a new look at the past, but
      unavoidably relevant insights into the present. --Elizabeth
      Weitzman, New York Daily News

      A film that threatens the war movement with every showing, the Bush
      administration should outlaw it from all theatres within fifty miles of an
      armed forces recruiting station.-- Ron Wilkinson , Monsters and Critics

      On July 15, Sir! No Sir! will be available on DVD**

      Over the last three months, Sir! No Sir! has played in theaters in over 50
      cities, generating excitement, controversy, and rave reviews. All reviews
      are posted at

      Thousands have seen it, but millions need to.

      Now, in response your calls to get this film out everywhere, a limited
      edition DVD of Sir! No Sir!, along with the powerful flash animation by Not
      Your Soldier and Ruckus Productions, Punk Ass Crusade, will be available
      starting July 15 for $19.95 plus shipping and handling.


      From the beginning, word-of-mouth and the internet have been the main way
      news of this film has spread. Over the holiday weekend, please help spread
      it even farther. Please send this email out to your own lists, and download
      the flyer available at:


      to hand out at your events this weekend and beyond!

      And starting July 15 you can...
      ***Buy the DVD

      ***Host house parties to show and spread it further

      ***Register online to set up activist screenings

      ***Use the film to support the growing number of soldiers who are resisting
      the Iraq war, and

      ***Turn this summer into The Summer of Sir! No Sir!

      And that’s only the beginning. Also for sale will be a CD Soundtrack of the
      film with the stirring and innovative score written by Buddy Judge, and all
      of the songs in the film including Soldier We Love You by Rita Martinson.
      This is the only CD available with Rita Martinson's incredible tribute to
      GI resisters that stirs audiences at every screening of the film. The
      unstoppable pirate DJ Dave Rabbit of "Radio First Termer" fame also makes
      several appearances.

      As a special bonus, my film A Night of Ferocious Joy will also be
      available--a film that chronicles an audacious, in-your-face concert held
      on Mother's Day, 2002, to confront the "war on terror" that brought
      together Ozomatli, The Coup, Blackalicioius, Dilated Peoples, Saul
      Williams, Mystic and many others. A film for everyone looking for
      inspiration and hope in a dark world.
      In coming months, additional great films, music and books relevant to GI
      resistance then and now will be added to the list of products available at
      the site. And while you're there, take some time to roam through the newly
      completed stunning archives featuring thousands of underground papers,
      cartoons, audio recordings and photographs illustrating the depth and
      breadth of the GI Movement.

      And in the fall, an expanded DVD of Sir! No Sir!, with a wealth of
      additional material included, will be available at stores and on web sites
      everywhere. Included will be several additional stories from that GI
      Movement, an exclusive interview with pirate radio DJ Dave Rabbit, the
      court-martial of Iraq war resister Camilo Mejia, and presentations by Jane
      Fonda, Cindy Sheehan, and many more.

      Finally, I want to thank all of you once again for the support you have
      given to Sir! No Sir! and hope you will continue to spread the film far and

      David Zeiger
      Displaced Films


      David Zeiger's superb documentary about the Vietnam War era's GI protest
      movement is jammed with incident and anecdote and moves with nearly as much
      breathless momentum as the movement itself. ~ Chuck Wilson, L.A. Weekly

      "Sir! No Sir!" combines exceptional artistry and insightful analysis with
      great story telling. This is no facile agitprop piece, but a careful
      dissection of a growing military rebellion that permanently altered
      American society, but has largely been forgotten. ~ International
      Documentary Magazine

      TWO THUMBS UP!® Ebert & Roeper--Click HERE to hear their review!
      Nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Documentary


      Click here to watch the trailer!

      Audience Award Best Documentary--Los Angeles Film Festival

      Jury Award Best Documentary--Hamptons International Film Festival

      Seeds of War Award--Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

      Jury Award Best Film on War and Peace--Vermont International Film Festival

      Nominated for a Gotham Award and International Documentary Association Award

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