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Sara Olson from the Oread Daily

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    FOR SARA I am writing this with much anger and much sadness. More than 25 years ago two bombs planted under two police cars did not explode, did no damage and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2001
      FOR SARA
      I am writing this with much anger and much sadness. More than 25
      years ago two bombs planted under two police cars did not explode,
      did no damage and injured no one. Now, a woman who I believe had
      nothing to do with the non-damage and non-injuries will be locked
      behind real bars for real years.

      Twenty five years ago it was a very different time. A decade of
      upheaval was coming to a close, but its scars were very real.
      Police, many of us knew, as our enemy who had killed us, beaten us,
      jailed usÂ…who had killed those we loved, beaten those we loved and
      jailed those we loved. On a very few occasions someone tried to
      strike back at them. Whether today that seems morally justifiable or
      not is pretty irrelevant. I remember the police murders of Panthers
      like Mark Clark and Fred Hampton and dozens of others. I remember
      the Los Angeles cops raids on Panther offices and the fiery
      destruction of that strange cult - the SLA. I remember standing ten
      feet away from a young man as he was gunned down by police who had
      opened fire with shot guns on an unarmed crowd. All those things and
      so much more happened. I don't say all these things to defend Sara
      from something I don't even think she did. I say it because I lived
      it and because I know it was real and because I know how some things
      that happened then which seem impossible today were not yesterday.
      I'm not even trying to argue about whether or not such acts were
      justified or not, just that they did not occur in a vacuum. Far more
      of "us" were killed then "them" and far more of "us" have been
      punished then "them."

      There is no justice. Justice has nothing to do with this case.
      Anyone who thinks the state gave a hoot about whether Sara was
      actually guilty or not has simply never had to deal with the justice
      system up close and personal. I have. I know.

      And now the LA police get their vengeance once again. What did Sara
      face yesterday? What was her choice? She could go to trial now,
      with the country totally absorbed with terrorism and anthrax, in
      front of a judge who had ruled that the state could spend months
      prosecuting the SLA about actions that had nothing to do

      with her, in front of a jury which since Sept. 11th views police as
      heroes and their word as law, with her name running across the bottom
      of all those 24 hour news stations right next to Bin Laden. She
      could choose that and face the very likely result of a mandatory life
      prison sentence, never to see her children in freedom again, never to
      walk the streets a free women again, always under the power of a
      prison system not exactly known for its humanity. Or she could
      choose, if choice is the word, the still uncertain but potential
      anyway possibility of returning to free air again. She chose the
      latter. Who knows if she made the right choice? Who can judge
      unless they have been there?

      Please look at the last twenty five years of Sara's life. Is their
      any reason to lock her up besides some male like sense of vengeance,
      some bizarre generation hatred, some frenzied attempt to bury the
      truth of history again?

      I had the opportunity to meet Sara and to spend a little time in
      personal conversation with her. It didn't take long to know that she
      was a wonderful woman, a strong woman, a good human being, a caring
      person. Sara is all that and more. Nothing "they" can do will ever
      change her.

      I would like to say to Sara, "I love and support you. I always will."

      The Oread Daily provides daily (Monday-Friday) progressive, left,
      anti-racist, anarchist, commie, activist, environmental, Marxist,
      revolutionary, etc. news and information from around the US and
      around the world. The Oread Daily was a mimeographed sheet that came
      out first in the summer of 1970 in Lawrence, Kansas. It was
      irreverent, radical, spicy, revolutionary et. al. Now, three decades
      later it returns. To view the entire Oread Daily, please visit:
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