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Fwd: [narconews] Day Three of Gary Webb's "Dark Alliance"

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  • Michael Novick
    From: Daniel A.Feder June 30, 2005 Gary Webb - Presente Please Distribute Widely Dear Colleague, With the publication of Day Three of
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      From: Daniel A.Feder <danfeder@...>
      June 30, 2005
      Gary Webb - Presente

      Please Distribute Widely

      Dear Colleague,

      With the publication of Day Three of Gary Webb's "Dark Alliance"
      series, the restored Dark Alliance website is now fully online. Narco
      News still mourns Gary's death on December 10, 2004, and is pleased to
      be able to remember him by giving his masterpiece a permanent home on
      the Internet. This project has only been possible with the help of
      Gary's family, as well as the support of The Fund for Authentic

      In his third set of reports, published originally on August 20, 1996
      and republished today in Narco News, Gary tackles the racial aspects of
      his story, asking why the black community has been so
      disproportionately hit by the crack epidemic. He writes:

      "Nothing epitomizes the drug war’s uneven impact on black Americans
      more clearly than the intertwined lives of Ricky Donnell Ross, a high
      school dropout, and his suave cocaine supplier, Danilo Blandon, who has
      a master’s degree in marketing and was one of the top civilian leaders
      in California of an anti-communist guerrilla army formed by the U.S.
      Central Intelligence Agency."

      While Ross sits in prison, Blandon leads a comfortable, U.S.-subsidized
      life back in Nicaragua as a member of the new business class there.
      Blandon’s white or well-connected, contra-allied associates in both
      Central and North America also remain free. Webb ties this in to the
      widely noted disparity in sentencing between whites and blacks in U.S.
      courts and the general trends that have caused African Americans to
      bear the brunt of the war on drugs in the U.S. The Dark Alliance story
      had a particularly strong impact in California’s black community, in
      large part because of Webb’s ability to lay out such connections
      between oppressive U.S. foreign policy in the 1980s and the
      contemporary problems that community faced.

      Day Three also marks the unveiling (and unleashing) of the full Dark
      Alliance website, complete with the additional documentation,
      multimedia exhibits, reader forums, follow-up stories, and links that
      made it so ahead of its time.

      Read it all here, at the Narco News Bulletin:


      From somewhere in a country called América,

      Dan Feder
      Managing Editor
      The Narco News Bulletin

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