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Bush's Coup in Haiti, Judges and Props Voting

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  • Ed Pearl
    Hi. Listen to Democracy Now! this morning - KPFK at 9 AM. I m listening to the latest, deepest and most honest news and interviews about Haiti, as you d
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2004
      Hi. Listen to Democracy Now! this morning - KPFK at 9 AM.
      I'm listening to the latest, deepest and most honest news and interviews
      about Haiti, as you'd expect. I do hope Southland folks consider the
      recommendations for judges and props, right beyond the Haiti material.
      I'd only add that, if I were a Democrat, I'd vote for Dennis Kucinich in
      a heartbeat. Voting for Kerry in the primary is giving up affecting his
      stance in any way. 'Nuff said

      From: "Karen Lee Wald" <kwald@...>
      Subject: Bulletin--Haiti
      Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 17:18:35 -0800

      The live reports on KPFA and Democracy Now radio have brought out the

      --Aristide was taken out of the Presidential Palace at 5 am this morning in
      handcuffs after meeting there with the US ambassador James Foley. He was
      led out by 10 marines. One of his personal guard and an ABC tv cameraman
      have both confirmed that.
      -- Ira Kurzban, attorney for Republic of Haiti, has accused the US of
      kidnapping the Haitian president
      --the home of the Port-au-prince mayor was burned to the ground and
      that of another town's mayor was shot up, killing two inside (at least)
      --Tom Foley said last night that the death squads were on the way to kill
      Aristide and that the US wouldn't lift a finger to stop them...

      LISTEN TO KPFA.org or Democracy Now. The media is filled with the lies
      the Bush administration is putting out.
      He and his wife repeatedly said they would never leave before the end of
      his term, on the radio, to Congressmen and friends - but that doesn't stop
      the media from continuing to repeat the most outrageous lies.
      PLEASE make sure everyone on your list knows the truth!


      The A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism)
      Coalition condemns the U.S.-led coup carried out today
      against the elected president of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand
      Aristide, as well as the U.S. occupation of that
      country. U.S. marines have entered Haiti tonight
      (February 29).

      Whether President Aristide was actually kidnapped by
      U.S. forces, as some sources have reported, or was
      just presented with 'an offer he couldn't refuse,'
      there is no question that Washington played the
      decisive role in this regime change. The coup in Haiti
      is reminiscent of similar deadly CIA operations in
      Iran, Guatemala, the Congo, Chile and numerous other
      countries in the last half-century.

      The removal of President Aristide follows more than a
      century of U.S. intervention in Haiti, and years of
      destabilization designed to bring about the
      destruction of the Aristide government. This negation
      of Haiti's democracy and sovereignty by the U.S. comes
      as the country is marking its 200th anniversary of
      independence which followed the heroic revolt against
      slavery and the creation of the first free Black
      republic in the Western Hemisphere.

      Since the election of Aristide to a second term in
      late 2000 with 92% of the vote, Washington has
      maintained economic sanctions against the poorest
      country in the Western Hemisphere. Sanctions have had
      the intended effect of wearing down the people and
      popular support for the Aristide government by denying
      food, medicine and other necessities of life to the
      population. Haiti's poverty today is a direct result
      of centuries of slavery and exploitation for the
      benefit of corporate interests in France and the U.S.

      In addition, the U.S. has extended financial and
      political support to the so-called "Democratic
      Convergence," the right-wing opposition. According to
      a story in today's Miami Herald, State Department
      spokesman Richard Boucher said today that the U.S.
      "facilitated" Aristide's departure. Ira Kurzban, an
      Aristide spokesman in Miami, said he believed "U.S.
      intelligence agencies were involved in the ouster. ...
      This was a major operation by the intelligence
      agencies of the U.S."

      Congressperson Charles Rangel, a member of the
      Congressional Black Caucus, said that the U.S.
      government is "just as much as part of this coup
      d'etat as the rebels, looters or anyone else." (ABC's
      "This Week," Feb. 29, 2004)

      According to Reuters, U.S. civil rights leader Jesse
      Jackson called Aristide's resignation an
      "American-assisted coup," and U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters,
      a California Democrat, demanded to know where the
      Haitian leader was being taken one day after he told
      her "he would rather die than leave." "When I last
      talked to him (Aristide) yesterday, he was not going
      to leave. He said he would rather die than leave. And
      then I wake up this morning and I find out that my
      government has landed at his home with Marines. How
      did they get him to leave? What did they do? And where
      is he?" Waters said in an interview with CNN.

      The Bush Administration has arrogantly and illegally
      embarked on a policy of "regime change" in
      Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti and elsewhere. On March 20,
      the first anniversary of the start of the unprovoked
      war of aggression against Iraq, people around the
      world will take to the streets in massive numbers. We
      will demand: Bring the Troops Home Now and End
      Occupation from Iraq to Palestine and Everywhere. We
      will also be marching to oppose the criminal role of
      the Bush administration in ousting the first
      democratically elected government in Haiti's history.

      To read the background statement on Haiti issued by
      the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition on February 11, go to

      On Friday, February 27, a press conference on the U.S.
      role in the Haitian crisis was held in Washington DC.
      For a report, photographs and the UPI article, go to


      Email circulated by:
      A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
      Act Now to Stop War & End Racism

      RALLY TODAY! MARCH 1, 2004 - 11:00 AM
      300 NORTH LOS ANGELES ST. CA 90012
      (Venezuela and Haitian democracies are the subject)


      Hi Folks----Following if you're interested are my recommendations for ballot
      propositions, then from a very reputable source (local activist Michael
      Tarbet) recommendations for judges and D.A., then an articles about Prop.
      --Mha Atma

      Mha Atma's recommendations:
      Prop 55: YES
      Prop 56: YES
      Prop 57: NO
      Prop 58: NO

      Prop R (Los Angeles): YES

      From Michael Tarbet:

      After as much research time as I could devote, here are my votes for
      County offices. I know it's hard to know about these offices, so I'd
      give you the benefit of my search and thought, for what its worth.

      Judges (after culling from 5 reputable sources: 8 are Sheila Kuehl's too):
      18: Feldstern
      29: Mack (OR Gomez rec by Sierra Club)
      52: Priver
      53: Zeidler very enthusiatically
      67: Van Dusen
      69: Groman most enthusiastically
      72: Wesley
      95: Oki
      111:Owens-Murrell (the incumbant is too ill to serve)

      DA: Carrick, endorsed by ADA, Sierra Club, League of Conservation
      Voters, etc.: says he'll try to prosecute environmental, corruption and
      white collar crime. (Cooley seems to administer the DA office well,
      according to a friend who is a 20-year staff attorney there)


      from Ed Pearl

      Bond Debt, Budget Rule Changes Wouldn't Help
      A vote in favor of Prop. 57 amounts to an exercise in fiscal
      irresponsibility. If you are up to your eyeballs in debt, you don't dispose
      of it by taking out a consolidation loan. That is precisely what Prop. 57
      (is) - a $15 billion consilidation loan. By approving this measure,
      Californians will remove all pressure for the governor and Legislature to
      engage in meaningful revenue reform: removal of corporate property from
      Prop. 13 protection, making the wealthiest among us pay their fair share of
      taxes and aggressively pursuing the billions that Bush's Texas energy
      friends extorted during the manufactured energy crisis. I don't know how
      many Calfornians would have voted for our governor if he'd disclosed this
      folly during the campaign. Now that we know, just say no.

      I'd only add my sorrow and disgust with the Dems who are supporting this.
      The invokers of the increased Auto-Registration.supported Schwarzenegger
      revoking that obvious, desperately-needed source of funds, but assured us
      they'd tackle the certain shortage. Now, only obedience. We have to force
      the Democrats to use their large majorities to restore the fees, then tackle
      Prop.13, the huge prison budget and the many statutes benefitting the
      Prop 57 only allows our term-limited electees to escape the conscequences of
      their own dereliction of duty. .

      Prop. 56, however, is essential for any progress on taxes and the budget,
      lowering the % needed for passage from 67 to 55% - difficult, but doable.

      Vote YES on 56 Vote NO on 57 -Ed Pearl
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