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Fwd: SUNDAY 5PM:Join Rev.Jackson to protest Near Gov's Brentwood Home

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  • Carolela2@cs.com
    SUNDAY 5 PM: Join Rev. Jackson in Protest Near Govs Brentwood Home to Halt Execution Join Rev. Jesse Jackson & Dozens of Protesters For a Visit Schwarzeneggers
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2004
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      SUNDAY 5 PM: Join Rev. Jackson in Protest Near Govs Brentwood Home to Halt

      Join Rev. Jesse Jackson & Dozens of Protesters For a Visit Schwarzeneggers
      Last Minute Plea to Save the Life of Kevin Cooper Set to Die Tuesday at

      Coopers Attorneys Ask for Two More Weeks to Perform Tests That May

      Thousands of People From Around the Globe Including Mayor of the Austrian
      City Where Schwarzenegger Launched his Bodybuilding Career Have Appealed to the

      'He is not seeking mercy but justice.' Jackson said after his visit with
      Cooper on Friday in San Quentin. 'I told him to prepare to live, not die.'

      WHO: Join Dozens of Protesters Expected at Near the Doorstep of Gov.
      Schwarzeneggers Brentwood Home for a Last Minute Plea to Save the Life of Kevin Cooper

      WHEN: 5 PM Sunday, February 8th

      WHERE: Near Home of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
      Mandeville Canyon Rd. and Chalon Rd., Brentwood

      DIRECTIONS: 405 Fwy, Exit Sunset Blvd.
      West on Sunset 4-5 miles to Mandevile Cyn.
      North on Mandeville Canyon Rd 1.6 Miles to
      Chalon Rd in Brantwood.

      BRING SIGNS and Your Letters for the Govenor

      WHY: There is a phone outside the execution room to alllow to Governor to
      grant a stay of execution up until the last minute. Schwarzenegger has
      unilaterally denied clemency without a formal hearing, as is the custom in California.
      Protesters will call on the Governor near his Brentwood home to reconsider his
      unorthodox decision, which failed to consider the wishes of at least five
      jurors from Coopers death penalty trial who want the execution halted while
      previously-ignored evidence in the case is examined.

      Nationwide, prosecutors have had the wrong man in 112 capital murder cases,
      forcing innocent men and women to spend years on death row facing execution for
      crimes they did not commit.

      On February 10, the state of California plans to execute Kevin Cooper, a
      45-year-old African American man who has been on death row for 20 years and whose
      case raises numerous questions about California's capital punishment system.

      On Thursday, a former UPI reporter who covered the original Kevin Cooper
      trial stepped forward with new evidence. Kristina Rebelo, former UPI after her
      second sworn deposition revealing startling new evidence surrounding the multiple
      murder case. Kristina Rebolo says that a former San Bernardino Sheriffs
      Deputy, Albert Anthony Ruiz, told her flatly that 'Kevin Cooper did not kill that
      family.' Mr. Ruiz asserted that the wrong family was tragically executed in a
      drug-related retaliation, and that he was directed to plant evidence used to
      convict Kevin Cooper. Listen to the amazing account of Kristina Rebelofollowing
      a news conference in Los Angeles.

      TO LISTEN GO TO: http://www.flashpoints.net

      BACKGROUND: On the night of June 4, 1983, Peggy, Doug and Jessica Ryen and
      ahouseguest were brutally murdered in San Bernadino County. The youngest
      memberof the family, Josh Ryen, 8, managed to survive. When local police learned
      thatKevin Cooper had walked off the grounds of a minimum security prison just days
      before the murders, Cooper became the primary suspect - despite the fact that
      Josh Ryen told police and his grandmother that three white or Latino men had
      killed his family.

      The State of California conducted DNA tests on Cooper, but the integrity of
      this evidence is highly questionable. Blood and saliva samples taken at the
      time of his arrest were released to a technician involved in the prosecution, and
      held for twenty-four hours without a court order or the knowledge of
      Cooper'slegal team.

      Clumps of long, blond hair were found in the hands of one of the
      victims.Photographs of this hair, which clearly does not belong to Cooper, were never
      shown to the jury. The prosecution has refused to allow testing that could
      determine just whose hair it is.

      A pair of bloody coveralls submitted to the police by a woman claiming that
      they had been left at her house by her boyfriend around the time of the murders
      were tossed in a dumpster without any testing. The woman was never brought in

      Sponsored by: National Lawyers Guild-LA
      and the Rainbow Sisters Project

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