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It doesn't take a genius

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  • scotpeden
    http://www.gilad.co.uk/storage/syria-obama-map-570x386.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CAC HEVERSION=1377789668162By Gilad Atzmon* It doesn t take a genius to grasp that the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2013
      HEVERSION=1377789668162By Gilad Atzmon*

      It doesn't take a genius to grasp that the American president doesn't really
      want to attack Syria. He doesn't want to topple Assad's regime - He doesn't
      have an alternative partner on the ground. Instead of 'Shock and Awe' this
      time the Pentagon is talking about 'surgical attack'. The English speaking
      empire, famous for its destructive inclinations, makes the potential attack
      on Syria sound like a 'cosmetic effort'. No one in America, Britain, France
      or Israel is yet to suggest what is the goal of such an attack. What are the
      military initiatives? But the most crucial question is what could be the
      positive outcome of such a military assault? I guess that we have to admit
      that Obama's administration is almost as confused as the situation on the
      ground is.

      It seems as if in a relatively short time, the American administration has
      managed to fall into every possible trap. It is now affiliated as well as
      conflicting with Al-Qaeda (assuming there is such a thing), Wahhabi
      war-mongers, Salafi terrorists, the Muslim Brotherhood and their enemies -
      the Arab seculars and nationalist revolutionary forces. America has tried to
      appease them all, but it obviously failed in every possible front. Dropping
      bombs on Syria is not going to provide the goods either. A 'surgical'
      assault on Damascus is not going to appease America's Wahhabi partners, it
      may even achieve the opposite. I guess that time is ripe for Obama to
      re-examine America's entire interventionist doctrine, but can he? Can an
      American leader think for himself? Can an American leader think for America?
      Can an American leader think at all, or is he or her just reacting to Lobby

      cies-and-criminal-interventionism.html> Click to read more ...

      . Gilad Atzmon is a former Jew and former Israeli who was in the
      Israeli military invasion when it first invaded Lebanon under the command of
      Ariel Sharon.

      It has been pointed out to me that most of those most ardently demanding war
      on Syria are ethnically Jewish and ardently pro-Israeli. Senator Levin,
      Senator Feinstein, and Secretary of State John Kerry (though not religiously
      Jewish his paternal family name was originally Kohn). The "evidence"
      consists of tissue and hair samples proffered by Israel's spy agency, the
      Mossad, simultaneous to the attack near Damascus. These samples are not
      reliable since there is no independent third party confirmation of their
      provenance. Israel has a very advanced chemical weapons production
      facility. It would be very easy for them to fake evidence and plant it to
      bring the US into the conflict as Israel did with Iraq and has tried to do
      with Iran. Israel is a direct party to the conflict having bombed Syria
      several times since the first of the year. Israel wants more territory. It
      presently holds the Golan Heights which is part of Syria. It presently holds
      the West Bank which it took form Jordan. It has invaded Lebanon twice and
      inflicted massive amounts of civilian casualties but has been repelled by
      Hezbollah paramilitaries who have supported Syria in its war against the
      western supported terrorists.

      Israel is fronted in the US by AIPAC which is the most well-funded and
      powerful interest group in Washington. Israel covets territory in southern
      Lebanon and in western Iraq which it needs to further its colonial
      expansion. It has been inexorable in its relentless pursuit of ethnic
      cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian population and seizing their farms
      and homes to build Jewish only colonial enclaves. They need the US military
      might to overthrow the Syrian government and wipe out Hezbollah so Israel
      can further its agenda.

      BTW, The man who is most ardently opposing the attack on Syria is also
      Jewish but is not a pawn of AIPAC. That man is Alan Grayson, the progressive
      Democratic Congressman from Florida.
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