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Gerald Horne in Los Angeles

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  • Art McGee
    ... Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 08:37:18 EST From: Andrew H. Lee Subject: Gerald Horne in Los Angeles You are invited to hear Gerald Horne
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      Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 08:37:18 EST
      From: Andrew H. Lee <andrew.lee@...>
      Subject: Gerald Horne in Los Angeles

      You are invited to hear Gerald Horne speak about his newest
      books: _Race Woman: The Lives of Shirley Graham Du Bois_
      (New York: NYU Press, 2000) and _Class Struggle in Hollywood,
      1930-1950: Moguls, Mobsters Stars, Reds & Trade Unionists_
      (Austin: University of Texas Press, 2001).

      The talk about 'Race Woman' will be held on Wednesday, February
      14, 2001 at 7 pm at Eso Won Book Store: 3655 S. La Brea (between
      Coliseum and Rodeo).

      The talk about the Hollywood book will take place on Saturday,
      February 17 at 5 PM at Midnight Special Bookstore, 1318 Third
      Street Promenade, Santa Monica.

      There will be copies of the books available for purchase.

      >From the Jacket Blurbs

      Race Woman:

      "Gerald Horne has brought a wealth of detail and insight to
      the life of Shirley Graham Du Bois, a writer and activist
      as significant in her own right as for her long and vital
      companionship with W.E.B. Du Bois. This is a valuable
      --David Levering Lewis.

      "Few twentieth century women's lives were more significant...
      than that of Shirley Graham Du Bois. Praises to Gerald Horne
      who, with his usual thoroughness and acuity, has given her
      the place in the canon she has long deserved."
      --Paula J. Gidddings

      "Gerald Horne has produced a superbly detailed and
      wonderfully research biography of a major international
      figure...He has rendered an eventful life and complex woman
      with considerable skill and sensitivity. Race woman should
      be required reading for students and scholars of the arts,
      the African diaspora, women, the Cold War, and the radical
      --Chana Kai Lee

      "Shirley Graham Du Bois finally...gets her due. Gerald Horne
      makes the case for why we should remember this long-neglected
      African-American figure whose life and achievements evolved
      from the early Jim Crow era through the post-Civil Rights
      --Tera W. Hunter

      Class Struggle in Hollywood:

      "I ardently recommend this book...because it is destined
      to be a bombshell in the field and perhaps far beyond the
      field. It may also be denounced because of its unabashed
      character, but that is all to the good: the author has
      demonstrated the best kind of partianship, flavored with
      heavy primary research and a commitment to revealing the
      --Paul Buhle

      "This book is without a doubt a unique and important
      contribution to film history...Horne's argument for the
      centrality of the 1945-1946 labor dispute in the evolution
      of Hollywood culture and politics offers a challenge to
      which all future scholars of the subject will have to
      --Alan Wald

      Please call (310) 589-9817 if you have any further questions.

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