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The 3rd Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival ~ Sunday, August 4th, 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM ~ At The Avalon in Hollywood ~ "Changing The World Through Socially Conscious Art" ~ With Lili Hadyn, Christina Tobin, Abby Martin, Peter Joseph, KB Solomon, Rick Overton

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  • Frank Dorrel
    The 3rd Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival Changing The World Through Socially Conscious Art Sunday, August 4th - 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM At The Avalon - 1735 Vine
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2013
      The 3rd Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival
      "Changing The World Through Socially Conscious Art"
      Sunday, August 4th - 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM
      At The Avalon - 1735 Vine Street, Hollywood
      Doors Open at 2:00 PM
      $30.00 Per Ticket - www.zeitgeistmediafestival.org
      Featuring Live Music - Speakers - Comedy - Short Films - Performance Art -
      Art Gallery
      The event will feature Christina Tobin of Free & Equal, Violin Virtuoso Lili
      Hadyn, RT's Abby Martin of 'Breaking the Set', 'Zeitgeist' Filmmaker and
      recent Black Sabbath Video Director Peter Joseph; Emmy-Award Winning
      Comedian Rick Overton, Savvy Spoken Word/Comedian IN Q, Famed Muralist Mear
      One, Dazzling Performance Painter Norton Wisdom, World-Renowned Opera Singer
      & Civil Rights Leader KB Solomon, 'Epic-Step' DJ Phenom The Siren,
      Best-Selling Author of "The Game" & Contributor at Rolling Stone, New York
      Times Neil Strauss, Counter-Culture Bands Hierosonic, (i am) isis, and
      Lillians Rose & many more!

      The 3rd Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival runs from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm and is
      an all ages event. In addition to $30.00 per ticket, attendees are
      encouraged to contribute a small canned/sealed food donation to support the
      poverty stricken in Los Angeles in association with the LA Food Bank.

      Tickets are very limited to this intimate event however this will be
      supplemented by a Live,
      Global Webcast, which will be posted on the global website:

      Mission Statement:
      "The Mission of The Zeitgeist Media Festival is to unify the world through
      annual awareness events that bridge the difference between all nations,
      races, classes, genders and creeds; to understand we all share the same
      basic needs; to understand we are truly One Family sharing One Habitat and
      that our world views and hence societal approaches should reflect this
      foundational Global Perspective."

      Recognizing the power of art and media to help change the world, the annual
      "Zeitgeist Media Festival" (ZMF) bridges the artistic & activist communities
      in the hope to inspire change. It recognizes that needed changes in the
      structural/economic workings of society can only manifest in tandem with a
      personal/social transformation of values in each of us. While intellectual
      knowledge serves its role of showing the path, many in the world follow
      their feelings and comforts - not new knowledge.

      Art is considered the most powerful tool we have to bridge these levels of
      awareness and inspire action for change. Keeping the gesture of the long
      history of influential artistic creators whose vision have changed our world
      for the better, The ZMF works to unify the world through this expression
      with the basic ethos that we are one species sharing one planet and it is
      time the world learns to work together for the betterment of all before it
      is too late.

      While started by the non-profit, social sustainability activist organization
      The Zeitgeist Movement <http://www.thezeitgeistmovement.com/> , the ZMF is
      open to any socially conscious group which wishes to express change and a
      better, peaceful world through the power of art. Founded and curated by
      Peter Joseph <http://peterjoseph.info/> and a small team, the "Main Event"
      each year takes place in Hollywood California. In 2011 it occurred at the
      Music Box, while in 2012 it found a new home at the historic Avalon, where
      it will re-occur in 2013

      Contact: mediafestival@...

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