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Not in our name! Statement from Egypt’s Revolution ary Socialists

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  • Cort Greene
    We must use the downfall of the Brothethood to deepen the revolution, not to support the regime... http://enpassant.com.au/2013/07/30/not-in-our-name/ Not in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2013
      "We must use the downfall of the Brothethood to deepen the revolution, not
      to support the regime..."


      Not in our name! Statement from Egypt�s Revolutionary Socialists

      *Posted* by John <http://enpassant.com.au/author/john/>, July 30th, 2013 -
      under Egypt <http://enpassant.com.au/category/egypt/>, Egyptian
      Revolutionary Socialists of

      The Muslim Brotherhood was overthrown to deepen the revolution, not to
      support the regime say the Revolutionary Socialists of Egypt in a statement
      reproduced from Socialist Worker

      Whatever crimes the Brotherhood has committed against the people and
      against the Copts in defence of its power in the name of religion, we do
      not give army chief Al-Sisi our authority. We will not go into the streets
      on Friday offering a blank cheque to commit massacres.

      If Al-Sisi has the legal means to do what he wants, why is he calling
      people into the streets? What he wants is a popular referendum on assuming
      the role of Caesar and the law will not deter him.

      Yes, the Brotherhood caused the masses to suffer during the period of their
      rule, and today we see the return of terrorist acts in Sinai, Al-Arish, and
      attacks against the people living in Maniyal and al-Nahda.

      Yet the army does not need �permission� to deal with terrorist acts, it has
      the legal means to do that and more. But it does want more, it wants a
      popular mobilisation behind it in order to increase the cohesion of the
      state and the ruling class behind its leadership.

      It wants to wipe out one of the most important features of the revolution
      so far, which is the masses� consciousness of the repressive role of the
      state apparatus and its intense hostility to towards them. It wants to make
      true the lie that �the army, the police and the people are one hand.� The
      army wants the people to follow it into the streets, just a year after the
      masses were screaming �down, down with military rule�.

      They want finally to restore �stability� � that is to say the return of
      order, the return of the regime. They want to finish off the revolution,
      and they will use the Brotherhood to do it. The Brotherhood in only one
      year of office alienated everyone: the old state, its army and police; the
      ruling class; the working class and the poor; the Copts; the revolutionary
      and political parties. The fall of the Brotherhood was inevitable, and
      people were celebrating the downfall of Morsi even before they went into
      the streets on 30 June.

      The military establishment, which had allied itself with the Islamists over
      the previous two years, decided to break this alliance after the Islamists
      failed to contain the social mobilisation and rising anger in the streets.
      So it seized the opportunity to get rid of Morsi and cut off the
      development of a revolutionary movement and prevent it deepening.

      They want tolead this movement in a �safer� direction by getting rid of the
      Brotherhood to restore the old order. This strategy has seen the old
      regime�s cronies, police and army being cleared in the courts, while their
      crimes are added to the charge sheet against the Brotherhood.

      On top of this, they claim that they were responsible for the 25 January
      Revolution as well. We do not want to find Morsi on trial for the murder of
      the martyrs of Port Said, and others. It was Mubarak/Morsi�s police which
      was responsible. The most important thing is to open the door which was
      closed with Morsi�s agreement: justice for the martyrs.

      The crimes that Morsi committed, he committed with the military, the police
      and Mubarak�s state. They should all be tried together. Giving the old
      state a mandate for its repressive institutions to do what they want to
      their partners-in-crime of yesterday will only give them a free hand to
      repress all opposition thereafter.

      They will repress all protest movements, workers� strikes, sit-ins and
      demonstrations. We cannot forget that the crimes which the Brotherhood
      committed around the country, took place under the noses of the police and
      army without them intervening at all to protect protesters or the people.

      The masses going into the street on Friday is damaging to the revolution,
      whatever the participants in the protests might think.

      Giving the army a popular mandate to finish off the Muslim Brotherhood will
      inevitably lead to the consolidation of the regime which the revolution
      arose to overthrow. We must use the downfall of the Brotherhood to deepen
      the revolution, not to support the regime.

      We have to deal with the Brotherhood at a popular and political level,
      responding to their acts of violence with the utmost firmness.

      We must build popular committees to defend ourselves against attacks by the
      Brotherhood and to protect our revolution which will not subside before it
      overthrows the regime, and before it wins bread, freedom and social
      justice, and retribution for *all* the killers of the martyrs.
      This is a translation from a statement from the Revolutionary Socialists,

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