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Calixto Ortega meets Roberta Jacobson - Venezuelan Government: Stability in Instability

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  • Cort Greene
    * Chargé d affaires of Venezuela in Washington, Calixto Ortega, met on Tuesday with Deputy Secretary of State for Latin America, Roberta Jacobson, three
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2013
      * Charg� d'affaires of Venezuela in Washington, Calixto Ortega, met on
      Tuesday with Deputy Secretary of State for Latin America, Roberta
      Jacobson, three weeks after Venezuelan Foreign Minister El�as Jaua, met
      with the US Secretary of State John Kerry at the OAS summit.*
      *Few details have emerged about the meeting as both sides refused to
      comment. *
      *Two weeks ago, Calixto Ortega on VTV suggested that this was a opening to
      a new era in relations with US imperialism and they would be discussing
      energy, political, cultural and financial situations.*
      *This will likely lead to further demoralization and anger within segments
      of the grassroots and militant rank and file, as the governments foreign
      policy now turns to one of that "my enemy is my friend".*
      *To negotiate with the government that has tried to overthrow the
      Bolivarian revolution from day one and it is still their policy to do so,
      is grand error on a massive scale and nothing good will come from it as
      history has shown.*
      *These are my thoughts only but others are thinking them also.*

      *Diplomacy is only cynicism turned into an art form.*
      *Lenin on Diplomacy -"promises are like pie crusts-made to be broken".*
      *Leon Trotsky �The abolition of secret diplomacy is the primary condition
      for an honest, popular, truly democratic foreign policy.� In stark
      contrast, he observed, �Secret diplomacy is a necessary tool for a
      propertied minority that is compelled to deceive the majority in order to
      subject it to its interests.�*

      Venezuelan Government: Stability in Instability

      *Jun 25th 2013, by Leopoldo Puchi � Sol de Margarita*
      *[image: Leopoldo Puchi, right, talking to Noticias 24 last year (Luissana
      Cardenas/Noticias 24)]*

      *Leopoldo Puchi, right, talking to Noticias 24 last year (Luissana
      Cardenas/Noticias 24)*

      *In this short article, opposition political scientist and ex general
      secretary of the MAS, Leopoldo Puchi argues that the Maduro government is
      consolidating itself, but also that the opposition won�t accept the
      situation of calm for long. Venezuelanalysis.com thought it would be useful
      to translate Puchi�s article, to give readers a sense of what the some of
      the opposition is thinking, and because it is significant that even members
      of the opposition are recognising that the country has entered into a state
      of some stability and political acceptance of the Maduro government.*

      *Different signs indicate that the government of Nicolas Maduro is tending
      to stabilise itself and consolidate itself, after the initial turbulence
      that followed the close electoral results and the lack of acceptance of the
      numbers emitted by the National Electoral Council by part of the opposition.

      *Of course, the points of tension are numerous in Venezuelan society and
      without a doubt it will be like this for many years: social demands, like
      those of the university teachers; disagreements with Colombia and the
      United States over geopolitical divergences; economic problems, due to the
      reduced productivity of Venezuelan companies; grave deficiencies in public
      services; etc. Situations and conflicts that will exist for a long time,
      with the current government or with a different one. For the rest, there is
      no defined social hegemony, but rather an equilibrium of forces. The big
      picture is one of stability within instability.*

      *The push for power continues to define the agenda, which is making
      different analysts think, regarding the government and the opposition, that
      we could be facing an imminent collision. Important sectors of the
      opposition aren�t willing to accept this dead calm, that they consider
      exasperating, for long. There are disturbing facts that point in this
      direction, such as the presence of paramilitary groups, not just in border
      areas, but also in the country�s interior, as was shown in the recent
      arrests of various members in Portuguesa state, and the serious indicators
      that show their presence in the areas around Caracas.*

      *At the same time, sectors close to Chavismo seem to be impatient because
      they feel that the revolution could freeze, or dissolve into less
      rebellious forms.*

      *Now then, when violent plans are talked about, it�s not acceptable to put
      all of the opposition into the same boat. Nobody images that, for example,
      the candidates of the MUD in different regions, are actively committed to a
      strategy of this type. It�s what they are least concerned with right now,
      when there is an electoral contest coming up, and their councillor
      candidates aren�t defined, nor is there consensus around various mayoral

      *Even then though, the Venezuelan opposition is complex and it�s not just
      made up of this or that party, but rather there are important radicalised
      factors with a lot of influence and decision making power as well.
      Everything indicates that these groups have taken our neighbour, Colombia,
      as a logistical platform for acting on Venezuela, given the belligerence of
      ex-President Alvaro Uribe and the geopolitical differences between the two
      countries, which would facilitate such actions, even if Juan Manuel Santos
      isn�t directly involved.*

      *Because of these circumstances, different analysts warn of the possibility
      that the country is on the point of a �conflict without remedy�. Maybe they
      are exaggerating, maybe they are right. But without a doubt, we have to be
      on the alert.*

      *Translation by Tamara Pearson for Venezuelanalysis.com*
      *Source URL (retrieved on 25/06/2013 - 10:15pm):*

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