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[LAAMN-ANN] Online Journalism Conference

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  • Joshua S Fouts
    Dear Online Colleagues, The Online Journalism Review (OJR.org), the USC/Annenberg School for Communication and the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 2000
      Dear Online Colleagues,

      The Online Journalism Review (OJR.org), the USC/Annenberg
      School for Communication and the Graduate School of
      Journalism at UC Berkeley invite you to attend the third
      annual Online Journalism Conference. This year's event,
      entitled "A Medium in Motion," will be held at the USC
      campus in Los Angeles, March 14 & 15.

      The conference will bring top industry professionals
      together with leading academics to discuss the dramatic
      changes occurring in online publishing as it moves from
      being a marginal to a mainstream medium.

      The conference kicks off with a Welcome Dinner at 7:30 p.m.
      on Tuesday, March 14, at USC's Town & Gown center. Our
      Keynote Speaker, Jonathan Sacks, senior vice president and
      general manager of AOL Interactive Services, will discuss
      the future of journalism and interactive communication in an
      age of media conglomerates. A reception begins at 6:30 p.m.,
      but we also invite you attend an open house at the USC
      Annenberg School from 4:30 p.m.to 6:15 p.m.

      On Wednesday, March 15, be prepared for a full day of lively
      debates and discussions on the following topics:

      * Online journalism as a global medium
      * The commercial value of credibility
      * Politics and the Internet
      * The impact of technology on journalism
      * The conglomeration of Internet content: "survival of the fittest"

      Panelists include Kim Alexander, president of the California
      Voter Foundation; Chris Barr, vice president of CNET; Tim
      Cavanaugh, special guest editor of Suck.com; Steve Chin,
      executive vice president of Internet Development at A.Media;
      Mike Cornfield, associate research professor at The Graduate
      School of Political Management of the George Washington
      University; Leah Gentry, editorial director, new media, Los
      Angeles Times; Robert Lee Hotz, science writer for the LA
      Times; Bruce Koon, interim director, Mercury Center; Lavonne
      Luquis, president & CEO Latino.com; Kevin Mitnick, hacker
      expert; Susan Moeller, fellow, Shorenstein Center, Harvard;
      Marcia Parker, managing editor, QB.com; Rebecca Fairley
      Rainey, freelance technology writer, The New York Times on
      the Web; Kara Swisher, staff writer and columnist for The
      Wall Street Journal & author of "AOL.com"; David Talbott,
      chairman and editor-in-chief, Salon; Jonathan Weber,
      editor-in-chief of The Industry Standard; and Matt Welch,
      OJR staff columnist.

      Our moderators include Jonathan Aronson, director of the
      School for International Studies at USC; Paul Grabowicz,
      coordinator of the new media program at the UC Berkeley
      Graduate School of Journalism; Jerry Lanson, chair,
      Department of Journalism, Emerson College and columnist for
      OJR; and Larry Pryor, director of the USC/Annenberg Online

      A post-conference reception will be held at the USC Faculty

      Space is limited, so please reserve your spot by replying to
      this e-mail ASAP. The conference is free, however the
      Welcome Dinner and receptions cost $35.

      For more information and to pre-register please visit our
      Web site at:



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