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No terrorist bombings, no attacks on Syrian refugees!

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  • Cort Greene
    *Aftermath of Saturday s car bombs in Reyhanli in Turkey* The blast occurred on Saturday in a crowded area of town in the southern province of Hatay, a few
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2013
      *Aftermath of Saturday's car bombs in Reyhanli in Turkey*

      The blast occurred on Saturday in a crowded area of town in the southern
      province of Hatay, a few kilometres from the main border crossing into
      Syria. A double car bombing in the Turkish town Reyhanli that killed 43
      people and injured 140.


      Al Kawakabi�s grandchildren: No terrorist bombings, no attacks on
      Syrian refugees<http://syriafreedomforever.wordpress.com/2013/05/13/al-kawakabis-grandchildren-no-terrorist-bombings-no-attacks-on-syrian-refugees/>
      Posted on May 13,

      [image: 487393_379634845451826_374818026_n]<http://syriafreedomforever.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/487393_379634845451826_374818026_n.jpg>

      �Al Kawakabi�s grandchildren� is popular organization struggling for the
      victory of the Syrian Revolution, mainly located in the city of Aleppo.

      The statements of Turkish officials regrading the recent bombings in
      Rihaniyya points to the responsibility of Turkish forces loyal to Assad,
      these same parties involved in the recent massacres in Banias and
      recognized clearly in the words of one its senior criminals (Mihraj Ural).

      What happened yesterday in Rihaniyya is truly shameful. Instead of popular
      anger being directed on the killer, which has proved to be involved in the
      blood spilling of the two peoples, we are seeing this anger directed
      against the victims and by whom? By those with whom the killer have
      citizenship ties. Instead of addressing the crimes to their home city and
      region the people of Rihaiyya have poured out their anger on the Syrian
      refugee people.

      Is it not enough what suffered the brothers in Banias at the hands of these
      gangs without being accountable for it, to even cause them harm across the
      borders to their shelters? On what basis are the refugees held guilty and
      responsible for the crimes committed by Turkey twice?

      Therefore if we condemn the bombings suffered by the city of Rihaniyya and
      if we deeply regret the blood of the innocent victims of our brothers and
      our Turkish guests, we condemn as well the sufferings of our Syrian
      brothers in Rihaniyya from the attacks affecting their children and their
      property and we demand to link the investigation of the bombings to the
      investigation of these aggression because we see these two crimes as one
      single sery aiming to chase out the Syrians refugees by the Syrian regime
      and its agents, even in their shelters and by threatening the stability of
      these asylum areas and to incite public opinion against them.

      Al Kawakabi�s grandchildren

      May 12 2013



      The Assad Regime Sniper, the Old Man and the Hero
      Some on the Left say there is no good side in the civil war in Syria. They
      see regime thugs on one side and Islamist terrorist on the other side.

      That is just so much propaganda. That's not how it is.

      This is how it is [Thanks to Basel Watfa <https://twitter.com/Baselsyrian> for
      the link to the video] :

      A Syrian hero saved an old man life wounded by sniper in Aleppo | 8 May 2013

      The old man in the middle of the street has been wounded and still can be
      targeted by Assad's snipers. They could easily finish him off at any time
      but they want to use him as bait for other civilians.

      The trick for the people is to get the old man to safety without anyone
      else gets shot. After they try it with ropes, one hero runs out into the
      street to bring the old man to safety. That's when the sniper opens up on
      them. You'll have to watch the video to see how things turn out.

      This is the type of depraved regime the Syria people are dealing with. Now
      some on the left, like Carl
      would argue that its wrong to characterize this as a struggle between the
      regime and the people. He would point out that the sniper is people too, to
      which I respond, *"Those aren't what I call people." *

      From PRWeb <http://www.prweb.com/releases/prweb2013/5/prweb10712646.htm> we
      have this report of a demonstration in Chicago in support of the Syria

      Chicago Syrians Host �Die-In� to Protest Banyas MassacreSyrian American
      Launch Campaign to Prevent #GenocideInSyria.
      Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 08, 2013

      About two dozen Syrian-American activists gathered on Sunday in downtown
      Chicago to stage a �die-in� to protest the Assad regime�s large scale
      massacres on Friday in the coastal town of Banyas in northwestern Syria.
      The massacre by the Assad regime�s troops and militias targeted Sunni
      neighborhoods and villages, killing over 100 people including women and
      children, according to reports cited by the State Department.

      �We felt the need to raise awareness about potential genocide taking place
      in Syria,� said Kenan Rahmani, the �die-in� organizer and board member of
      the Syrian American Council, the nation�s largest Syrian American advocacy
      group. �Entire families were executed by Assad forces in Banyas, in an area
      where there were no rebel fighters, simply because they were Sunni Muslims
      living peacefully in a predominantly Alawite governorate. According to
      eyewitnesses we are in contact with, the actual death toll is over 1400,
      with dozens of women and children left in the streets after being stabbed,
      raped, and burned.�

      Rahmani, a resident of Indiana, helped organize the event, and drove to
      Chicago to join other activists in solidarity with the Syrian victims.
      Using red paint and makeup, the activists created a shocking scene, which
      caused hundreds of passerby pedestrians and cars to stop, take pictures,
      and ask about Syria. Similar �die-ins� are being planned nationally
      following the success of this event.

      *�Ethnic cleansing is taking place in Syria, and the U.S. and other world
      powers have the responsibility to protect the civilians from the Assad
      regime,�* said Rahmani.

      The U.S. Department of State issued a statement on Friday condemning the
      massacres and calling for those responsible within the Assad regime to be
      held accountable.

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