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Syria:Friday's Protest & Obama's "Red-Line" was nothing but a Green Light for Assad's Slaughter of 70,000

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  • Cort Greene
    A young boy in Yadouda ...
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      A young boy in Yadouda<https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.654982407862232.1073742106.217848338242310&type=1>


      A young boy in Kobani, Aleppo, expresses a similar sentiment:

      *Hezbollah & Regime Fighters Surround Key City.*

      Assad forces and HEzbollah fighters have nearly surrounded the town of
      Qusayr, south of Homs. Today, leaflets were dropped on the city from
      aircraft warning civilians to leave and rebels to
      according the AFP:


      Troops backed by fighters from the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah
      have advanced throughout the area around Qusayr, which fell to the rebels
      more than a year ago.

      Activists said Qusayr is surrounded by government forces on three sides,
      and that approximately 25,000 residents are believed to still be in the

      The area has been a strategic boon to the rebels, who used it as a base
      from which to block the main road from Damascus to the coast, impeding
      military movement and supply chains.

      1423 GMT: *Damascus Bombed, but Protests Continue.*

      Every Friday for the last 787 days <http://beta.syriadeeply.org/>, Syrians
      have taken to the streets to protest against the rule of President Bashar
      al Assad. At first, Syrian protesters called for reform. Then the Syrian
      streets called for the resignation of President Assad. As the violence
      escalated, protesters chanted for the execution of the President. In fact,
      every Friday's protest has a theme, voted on by activists in a Facebook
      poll. Today's theme roughly translates to "Freedom from Sectarian Genocide
      in Syria," a reference to the horrific killings in Banias.

      In Damascus, the bombs are falling all across the eastern districts. The
      LCC has posted videos of injured civilians in
      Kaferbatna<https://www.facebook.com/LCCSy/posts/655001411193665> after
      shells fell, fires burning in
      and plumes of smoke rising
      up<https://www.facebook.com/LCCSy/posts/655013424525797> in
      East Ghouta. Just a few kilometers away, however, a large protest rally was
      reportedly held in Irbin:

      (05-10-13) Arbeen | Damascus | Calling for Freedom, Genocide in Syria


      But then there is this video, reportedly taken today in nearby Douma, where
      dozens of explosions have filled the city with smoke:


      Protesting, and just living, in Syria is a very dangerous activity.

      *But hope remains. Here is today's message from Kafranbel, written in
      English, French, and German: "We, the Syrians, never wallow in the valley
      of despair."*


      A young boy in Yadouda<https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.654982407862232.1073742106.217848338242310&type=1>

      A young boy in Kobani, Aleppo, expresses a similar sentiment:

      The Kurdish city of Kobani- Banner...
      pic.twitter.com/wyXJNHKQSH <http://t.co/wyXJNHKQSH>
      9:14 AM - 10 May 2013<https://twitter.com/iRevolt93/statuses/332861251648634880>
      [image: View image on

      1415 GMT: *Russia Won't Deliver Advanced Missiles.*

      Yesterday there were reports that Russia was planning on sending Syria the
      advanced S-300 anti-aircraft missiles. Now, Itar-Tass news agency reports
      that Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has denied
      According to the report, Lavrov said that Russia would fulfill current arms
      sales contracts, but the S-300 was not included in those contracts.




      Friday, May 10, 2013
      Obama's "Red-Line" was nothing but a Green Light for Assad's Slaughter of
      Remember when he made these bold statements?

      *We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on
      the ground, that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of
      chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. That would change my
      calculus. That would change my equation.
      We have communicated in no uncertain terms with every player in the region
      that that’s a red line for us and that there would be enormous consequences
      if we start seeing movement on the chemical weapons front or the use of
      chemical weapons. That would change my calculations significantly.*

      Hours after Barack Obama showed up in the White House Press Briefing on
      August 19, 2012 to make his *"red-line"* warning, I said that Obama was
      also telling Assad he would not intervene in the Syrian civil war as long a
      Assad continued the slaughter his people with every other means at his
      disposal. I said<http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2012/08/updated-obama-lights-assad-slaughter-in_4655.html>
      Barack Obama's*"red-line"* was, in effect, a green light to Assad's
      continued slaughter.

      About 25,000 Syrians had been killed to that point, 70,000 Syrians have
      died in this carnage since. Over a thousand where just slaughtered between
      May 2 -6 in Banias where Assad has been carrying out ethnic cleansing. Most
      were women and children, many were slaughtered with knives.

      A short video about the massacre in Banias

      غياب الله Absence of God <http://vimeo.com/65890588> from abou
      on Vimeo <http://vimeo.com/>.
      It now appears that there never was any real upside to Obama's
      *"red-line"* statement,
      only the unspoken green light aspects had any real substance. True to his
      word, Obama didn't intervene as Assad carried out an air war against his
      own people. Obama didn't intervene as he dropped cluster bombs, barrel
      bombs and incendiaries on civilian neighborhoods. Obama didn't intervene as
      he continued to use his artillery to pound some of the oldest cities on
      Earth into dust. He didn't intervene when HRW reported that rape was being
      widely used by the regime as a weapon of war. He didn't intervene as Assad
      sent helicopter gunships to murder people queuing up in bread-lines. He
      didn't intervene as he sent his shabiha thugs into community after
      community to commit mass murder. He didn't intervene as Assad proceeded to
      destroy his own country and as 5,000 Syrians a day began fleeing across the
      borders to escape the carnage.

      For the past seven months, it is only the *"green light"* aspects of
      Obama's proclamation that has rang true. Now that Assad is using chemical
      weapons, it has been revealed that his *"red-line"* warning was never
      anything but a bluff.

      The truth has been revealed by the facts on the ground: Obama's
      *"red-line"* was
      never anything but a green light to Assad's continued slaughter.

      In spite of the fact that UN investigator Carla Del Ponte rushed to Assad's
      aid with her unsupported
      Assad's opposition had used sarin gas, a mountain of
      saying the it is the Assad regime that has been using chemical weapons to
      kill Syrians.

      There are two of Assad defected generals that have testified they were
      ordered to use chemical weapons. There is the testimony of victims and
      medical personnel with regards to at least five attacks. There are soil
      samples smuggled out of Syria by Britain's MI6 that tested positive for
      sarin. And now the PM of Turkey is saying they have proof that Assad has
      made chemical attacks on his opposition:

      From France 24 we have this

      Turkish PM says Syria used chemical weapons10 May 2013 - 13H52

      AFP - Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has told an American
      television channel he believes Syria has used chemical weapons, crossing a
      "red line" set out by US President Barack Obama.

      *"It is clear the regime has used chemical weapons and missiles,"* Erdogan
      told NBC News on Thursday, without providing details on when or where they
      were used.

      *"It has been passed (a) long time ago,"* Erdogan said of Obama's *"red
      line,"* calling for stronger US action against Syrian President Bashar

      *"We want the United States to assume more responsibilities and take
      further steps. And what sort of steps they will take, we are going to talk
      about this,"* said Erdogan, who will meet Obama on May 16.

      Erdogan said Syrian patients showing signs of chemical attacks had been
      brought to hospitals across the border in Turkey, and that "remainders of
      missiles" that he believes were used in such attacks have been found.

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