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Ladies and gentlemen, the future president of Hondur as is…

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  • Cort Greene
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      Festive Left Friday Blogging: Ladies and gentlemen, the future president of
      Honduras is�May 3, 2013 � Sabina Becker

      [image: xiomara-castro-de-zelaya]

      Looks like Honduras is slated to get a Cristina Fern�ndez of its
      least if polls hold true:

      *Honduran ex-foreign minister Patricia Rodas predicted the victory of
      candidate Xiomara Castro de Zelaya in the presidential elections of next
      November, in spite of threats and violence in the Central American country.*

      �On November 24, we will reverse the coup d��tat,� affirmed the director of
      the Libertad y Refundaci�n party (Libre), which has put forward the wife of
      former president Manuel Zelaya, ousted in 2009, as their candidate.

      Rodas celebrated the decision of the Working Group of the S�o Paulo Forum,
      which, during a meeting in the Brazilian city, had decided to accompany the
      progressive and leftist forces in Honduras during the coming elections.

      �In the months to come, we will start a campaign with terrible
      difficulties, permanent threats, and an escalation in violence and murder,�
      Rodas said.

      Rodas stated that Honduras has become the most insecure country in the
      world, �by combining insecurity and repression with no clear borders.�

      �We have to confront the right-wing�s fear of the return of the people to
      power, to rebuild what they tried to destroy with the coup,� Rodas said.

      The convoking of a Constituent Assembly to write a new constitution is one
      of the principal proposals of the Libre Party, Rodas said.

      She added that even now, there are still institutions in Honduras operating
      under colonial concepts. She stated that with the candidacy of Xiomara
      Castro, a process of profound changes will begin in that Central American

      *A Paradigma poll, conducted yesterday in Tegucigalpa, put the former first
      lady and now presidential candidate at the head of electoral preferences.*

      Translation mine.

      Honduras has the highest murder rates in Latin America, and the coup d��tat
      made that problem what it is today. You might hear a lot of bleating and
      blatting about Venezuela, but Honduras has higher per-capita murder rates
      by far. And if you�ve heard about that, you obviously didn�t get it from
      your mainstream media, either. Their stated objective, as far as Honduras
      goes, is to promote the coup and cover up its abuses, and paint Manuel
      Zelaya as the baddie in the whole sorry affair.

      So it�s no secret why Xiomara Castro already enjoys great popularity going
      in. Her husband started a progressive program for the country, ushering
      Honduras into the beneficial ALBA alliance, and at the time of the coup,
      things were just getting underway for the constitutional rewrite that he
      had promised during his own election campaign. Had it not been for the
      coup, Honduras would have had a new, democratic constitution four years
      ago. And now, it�s getting the chance to do it again.

      *Adelante, adelante, la lucha es constante�*

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