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  • Cort Greene
    http://www.thecuban5.org/wordpress/2013/05/03/rene-gonzalez-will-remain-in-cuba/ RENÉ GONZÁLEZ WILL REMAIN IN CUBA Posted on May 3,
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      Posted on May 3,
      by ICFC5 <http://www.thecuban5.org/wordpress/author/alicia/>

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      [image: Ren� Gonz�lez]

      On May 3, Florida judge Joan Lenard accepted Ren� Gonz�lez�s application
      to modify the terms of his supervised release and stay in Cuba, in exchange
      for renouncing his U.S. citizenship.

      The Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Rene Gonzalez must go to the United
      States Interests Section in Havana to start this process, which will
      conclude when the State Department issues him a Loss of Citizenship
      Certificate.The previous day, the Government of the United States informed
      the Court that it does not oppose the request.

      In the conclusions of the official document Judge Lenard established in one
      of her points that �If the accused voluntarily renounces his United States
      citizenship pursuant to the USC/1481 8 (a) (5), while he is waiting for the
      certificate of Loss of Citizenship Certificate from the State Department of
      the United states he is authorized to stay in Cuba. He will no longer have
      to submit periodic reports or continue on supervised probation, and he will
      not be allowed to return to the United States.

      In addition the judge Lenard says: �On May 23 2013 the defendant will
      present to the Court or to the Tribunal a report of his resignation status
      and a certified copy of any issued certificate of loss of nationality�.

      Ren� Gonz�lez was released from prison in October after fully completing
      his sentence after being wrongly imprisoned for 13 years and deprived of
      visits from his wife during that time. Until today the Cuban hero was
      serving a sentence of three years of supervised probation in the U.S..

      Recently he arrived in Cuba on what was to be a temporary and private visit
      to attend the funeral of his father. Ren� is also a Cuban citizen and his
      wife and daughters and grandson live in Cuba.

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