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Terrorism and destabilization in Venezuela, all you can eat…

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  • Cort Greene
    http://www.sabinabecker.com/2013/04/terrorism-and-destabilization-in-venezuela-all-you-can-eat.html Terrorism and destabilization in Venezuela, all you can
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      Terrorism and destabilization in Venezuela, all you can
      10, 2013 � Sabina Becker



      Venezuelan justice minister N�stor Reverol plays back audio of some highly
      incriminating phone calls between members of the Salvadoran terror cell
      that attempted to disrupt next Sunday�s presidential election. Here�s the
      story: <http://www.aporrea.org/tiburon/n226542.html>

      *�Capriles has managed to find safe places, for our people�the team is
      already there, they tell me, and they�re working in groups to disorient the

      This can be heard clearly in a telephone call between an ex-colonel from
      the Salvadoran Armed Forces (FAES), David Koch Arana, who is currently in
      Venezuela, ad the director of the right-wing Salvadoran ARENA party,
      Roberto D�Aubuisson, which took place between March 23 and 25 of this year.

      The videos of the interference and the links between these Salvadoran
      mercenaries and the right-wing candidate Capriles Radonski, were presented
      by Minister N�stor Reverol, who played back both conversations.

      On March 23, both Salvadoran agents confirmed that they had seen the
      reports on Capriles Radoski, whom they secretly identify as �C�, and two
      days later, they conversed at length in a phone call which implied
      immediate danger for the stability of Venezuela, which went as follows:

      �Did you tell them that they�d be making like we�re working in the
      campaigns here? �Be careful, remember they already offered their support if
      they win, and that would be good for us,� says D�Aubuisson.

      Koch Arana warns D�Aubuisson that the Venezuelan government already has
      information of the presence of these groups, so they have to be careful.

      �They�ve started a hunt and supposedly they�ll inform the State that there
      are foreigners interfering in their political affairs,� says the Salvadoran

      The right-wing politician, D�Aubuisson, calms him down, saying that
      Capriles already has safe houses for them, but warns that it�s necessary to
      co-ordinate both groups because they are apparently unknown in Venezuela.

      �I don�t know how the groups they sent are operating here, but I hope they
      don�t clash or have a conflict, since they don�t know each other. I�ll talk
      to them to see how they�re organizing, so they�re identified,� says

      Minister Reverol also showed the photo of another mercenary, identified as
      Julio Alberto Cornejo Quintanilla, who, according to intelligence reports,
      is already in Venezuela and is tasked with co-ordinating both shock groups.

      *Reverol assured that the Venezuelan government will not let mercenary
      groups destabilize the country and the April 14 elections. He confirmed
      that the security forces of the state are on the trail of the mercenaries
      and will execute raids and all necessary measures to prevent the plans of
      the destabilizing groups from coming to fruition.*

      Translation mine.

      Let�s hope D�Aubuisson and Koch Arana are wetting their pants accordingly;
      the Venezuelan authorities are now on their tails. I hope they get the
      raids on camera for VTV, too.

      And let�s hope they and Majunche are also wetting their pants over this
      incriminating info-dump<http://ensartaos.com.ve/noticia/vean-los-terribles-documentos-de-javu-que-se-encontraron-en-merida>
      their little buddies in the bogus opposition �student� group, JAVU:

      *Operation Sovereignty*

      Plan of Action and Resistance of the United Active Youth of Venezuela
      (JAVU) for April 14, 2013


      We�re just a few days away from a presidential election which from the
      start has been one of the most unjust and unequal of all time, while the
      Cuban government tightens its control on our nation by way of its principal
      puppet, the usurper Nicol�s Maduro.

      We call on all Venezuelans to overcome fear. We have demonstrated that when
      we demand with firmness and force, we achieve our objectives.

      Giving up will never be an option. They will have to roll right over us if
      they think they can violate the constitution and abuse and take advantage
      of us without consequence, because:

      1. No Venezuelan could be in agreement with such an embarrassment of a
      Defense Minister who bows down before the Brothers Castro and makes
      partisans of our Armed Forces.

      2. No Venezuelan could be in agreement with a criminal Electoral Council,
      accomplice of opportunism and the principal party responsible for robbing
      Venezuelans of a free and fair electoral process.

      3. No Venezuelan could be in agreement with a Supreme Tribunal of Justice
      which violates the Constitution, criminalizes protests, and legitimates the
      power of an usurper.

      4. And above all, no Venezuelan could support an usurper who abuses the
      resources of the State, holds national broadcasts to campaign, and is
      afraid to publicly debate his ideas and proposals before the country.

      This April 14, we will confront an unjust battle, but we�ll put up a fight,
      because beyond being the way to overcome our political differences, that
      day represents the opportunity to recuperate the constitution peacefully
      and reclaim the history they have tried to manipulate.

      The international community should not be an accomplice to violations of
      international human rights treaties, but we�ll take care of ourselves, the
      Venezuelan people will fight for our rights.

      We will take over the streets for civil disobedience by ay means necessary,
      because we know that you get respect when you overcome fear. Let the
      government make no mistake: We will never bow down before their power, the
      democratic student movement will never accept electio results that have
      been biased from the start.

      We know that opportunity comes to us by the electoral way, but the
      electoral powers seek to manipulate the results to keep this illegitimate
      and usurping government in power. For that reason, JAVU, along with the
      political, economic and shock forces of the opposition, will not recognize
      said results. We call for civil resistance in the streets and, in this
      manner, we will make them respect the votes of the oppressed majority who
      want a change of government. There is no chance whatsoever that the usurper
      will win these elections unless the electoral organism helps him steal them.

      We also will not recognize any opposition director or political
      organization that takes part in the deception. Any opposition speaker who
      calls for us to accept the results of the electoral fraud will be
      considered a paid stooge of this illegitimate government, and we will turn
      our methods against him.

      Our civil democratic society must not forget that this national crisis is
      the absolute responsibility of the late Hugo Ch�vez, who tried in his day
      to take political power via a coup d��tat and, in the same totalitarian
      spirit, consigned Venezuela to division, backwardness and Castro-communist
      dictatorship. We emphatically reject the electoral measures that the
      Democratic Unity Table has put forward and in which, as usual, they evade
      confrontation with the figure of Ch�vez.

      Chavez is the sole party responsible for this sad reality, and we must not
      hide this fact. God gave us this new opportunity to put this country on the
      road to democracy once more!

      For that reason, it is our duty as active citizens, from all of civil
      society, to aid in the development of the lines of action expressed here.

      All of us must be part of Operation Sovereignty!

      Long live Venezuela! Long live Venezuelan youth!

      Lines of action to follow for the activation of Operation Sovereignty,
      April 14, 2013.

      In the event of an electoral pronunciation in favor of the ruling party,
      JAVU will activate a Plan of Civil Resistance on three fronts:

      1. Takeover of strategic public spaces in the most important cities of the
      land. These takeovers must be conducted efficiently, effectively, and
      quickly, after the Electoral Commission gives the election results, in such
      a way that the police forces are taken by surprise and unable to react.
      Also, they must be accompanied by protests (burning of tires and garbage,
      construction of barricades, and whatever other method.) This action will
      permit us to economically strangle the urban centers, as we will be
      stopping the distribution of foods and supplies, as well as the flow of
      fuel at service stations.

      2. Creation of an opinion matrix of delegitimization of the Electoral
      Commission, the national government, the Armed Forces, the Judicial and
      Moral Powers, and the political parties, using the social networks. Our
      opinion leaders on Twitter and Facebook already are in the thick of things
      and know the lines to follow. The production of message content is our job
      and will be made known in a pertinent manner. The intention of this front
      is to replicate our messages as many times as possible and mobilize civil
      society to action in the streets of every city.

      3. Execution of the Selective Social Boycott plan. On this front, we will
      be visiting governmental institutions and homes of government spokespeople
      in the most important cities, where we will take over governments and
      mayoralties that are in the hands of the ruling party. In this phase we
      count on the support of spokespeople authorized by the Catholic Church and
      the media who will legtimate our actions. We are establishing contacts with
      various officials from the National Democratic Armed Forces for a military
      uprising afterwards.

      As the hours go by we hope that political and economic strangulation, as
      well as media power, will allow us to generate enough street-level support
      in civil society. In the first phase we will establish a New Parallel
      Government and will profess the existence of a Double Sovereignty with the
      intention of tipping civil society in our favor, via an opinion matrix
      based in the search for a union of said governments and mayoralties under
      our democratic leadership and the union of all Venezuelans.

      Protest manual for street takeovers:

      When the CNE announces the election results, move quickly to the strategic
      points of protest.
      Wear comfortable clothing and bring the following: portable radios,
      vinegar, smartphones, cameras, drinking water, flashlights, lighters, caps
      and ski masks that can be worn like hoods, slingshots, gasoline, flammable
      products, and objects that can be used in self-defence.
      Leave all personal documents at home.
      Arrive at protest points on foot or by taxi. Don�t bring your car.
      Come prepared to fight for Freedom and Democracy.

      *[List of cities and protest locations snipped for brevity.]*

      Translation mine.

      As you can see, JAVU embodies the ironies of the �opposition youth� to the
      fullest. They talk about a government not respecting the constitution:
      WHICH constitution? The old, invalid one of 1961, which was scrapped in
      favor of the democratically written and ratified Bolivarian constitution of
      1999? The Bolivarian constitution, promulgated by the same government these
      punks refuse to recognize as legitimate, even though it�s been elected,
      re-elected, and ratified by the people, as well as former US president
      Jimmy Carter himself?

      What a fucking joke.

      And then there are their �peaceful� protest
      tires, burning garbage, blocked roadways, and direct attempts, by
      preventing the flow of food, supplies and fuel, to starve out the people
      who voted for something other than imperial fascism. Straight out of Plan
      Guarimba, naturally. Gene Sharp, why are you not speaking out against this
      blatant misreading of your own widdle protest manual? Oh � that�s right,
      you�re against socialism. I forgot. Silly me!

      Most intriguing of all is the allusion to their contacts within the media,
      the church, and the armed forces (notice how they don�t use the correct
      formal term of reference, which would be the Bolivarian National Armed
      Forces, or FANB for short.) In other words, the opposition media, the Roman
      Catholic hierarchy, and a certain sector of the Venezuelan armed forces is
      either covertly or overtly putschist, and not prepared to recognize the
      election results even when Jimmy Carter certifies them as free and fair.
      This is beyond disgusting; it is downright disturbing. It means that the
      same factions who tried to overthrow Chavecito in 2002-3 are still at it.
      They just don�t know when to call it a day and give in to democratic will.
      It would utterly demoralize them and rob their already meaningless lives of
      all purpose if they did. They would rather dedicate themselves to
      destruction than to construction. (Notice how they offer no plans
      whatsoever to build up the nation after they�re done wrecking it. That�s
      because they�re criminally incapable of making any.)

      And, in the crowning irony, they call themselves �democratic�. This even
      though they can�t bear to recognize the repeatedly reiterated democratic
      will of the people: the constitution, the president, the electoral council,
      and all the other democratic institutions of the land. All of it might as
      well be trash for them to burn. Even the will of legitimate opposition
      party members means nothing to them. And a great many of those latter now
      plan to vote for
      because of punks like JAVU. In other words, this grand plan has already
      backfired on its would-be perpetrators.

      These bullyboys would be more entertaining if they were less violent. They
      really are incredibly stupid, since their widdle plan is now known right
      down to the last detail, not only to the Venezuelan authorities, but to any
      English speaker who chances to read this silly little blog.

      And if you, dear reader, still believe that they represent any legitimate
      democratic majority in Venezuela, just watch this space on Sunday the 14th
      and thereafter. That is, if you can bear to have your nose rubbed in it.

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      Funes calls for investigation of Salvadoran terror
      9, 2013 � Sabina Becker

      [image: mauricio-funes]

      A couple of days ago, I translated a
      Venezualan acting president, Nicol�s Maduro, of a Salvadoran terrorist cell
      believed to be working for his opponent, Henrique Capriles Radonski. Today,
      the president of El Salvador is doing his
      part<http://www.aporrea.org/internacionales/n226503.html> to
      help his Venezuelan counterpart get to the bottom of it all:

      *Salvadoran president Mauricio Funes ordered an investigation into the
      denunciations of the government of Venezuela into the participation of
      sectors of the Salvadoran right-wing in plans to destabilize the South
      American country, which is in the midst of an election campaign.*

      �We will investigate the denunciation by president Maduro of a plan to
      assassinate him,� said Funes, during an interview with the Mundo Fox
      Informa channel.

      �The least we can do, as a friendly government, is to initiate an
      investigation to determine the existence or non-existence of these criminal
      structures,� he added, according to the digital newspaper, La P�gina.

      Funes informed that he had asked his foreign minister, Hugo Mart�nez, to
      �ask the Venezuelan foreign ministry and intelligence services to pass on
      all the information brought forward by President Maduro when he made this

      �Maduro strikes me as a serious person, and for that reason, not one to
      make a denunciation just for the sake of doing so,� said the president, and
      added that the denunciations are related to an important Salvadoran deputy,
      Roberto D�Aubuisson.

      �Son of the founder of the ARENA party (Roberto D�Aubuisson Arrieta), who,
      in the past, was involved with death squads and the assassination of Oscar
      Arnulfo Romero. The son of the deputy D�Aubuisson was killed in Guatemala
      by assassins linked to narcotrafficking,� said the president.

      Funes also announced that he had instructed the National Civil Police (PNC)
      to start an official investigation, �so that if we have to go to court with
      it, we will,� he said.

      Funes recognized that El Salvador has a past history of involvement �in
      this type of terrorist actions�, such as those in which Luis Posada
      Carriles took part, one of those denounced by Venezuela.

      Funes also recalled that there had been plans to assassinate Fidel Castro,
      then president of Cuba, in Panama during the Ibero-American Summit of 2000,
      by a terrorist group commanded by Posada Carriles.

      �Where did Posada Carriles depart from? From here, in El Salvador. Who
      provided him with an identification card and a passport so he could travel
      as a Salvadoran? Authorities and functionaries of the ARENA party, which
      ruled this country at the time,� Funes said.

      �How did Posada Carriles get around here? With vehicles and safe houses
      provided by ARENA, at the time that ARENA ruled here, during the reign of
      former president Francisco Flores,� Funes added. �Therefore, with those
      antecedents, we have something to investigate.�

      Funes says that the least that could be done responsibly �if those groups
      have operated in the past with the intent of sabotaging the internal
      processes of Cuba, and if they also tried in the past to assassinate the
      president of Cuba, if there are Salvadoran prisoners in Cuba for placing
      explosive charges in hotels.�

      *Funes said that another Salvadoran, Francisco Ch�vez Abarca, was arrested
      in Venezuela when he was identified for trying to provoke an attempt on the
      life of president Hugo Ch�vez.*

      Translation mine.

      El Salvador has a lot of reckoning yet to be done, clearly, for its
      right-wing death-squad past. Funes�s own party was one of the squads�
      targets back then, so it stands to reason that there is no love lost
      between him and ARENA. And the D�Aubuisson family, too, remains a regional
      threat, as active meddlers in foreign

      As for Luis Posada Carriles, he�s still living illegally in Florida,
      totally untouched and totally in the face of local authorities. Whereas any
      other Latin American coming in illegally would have faced prompt
      deportation, the right-wing ex-Cuban Posada is being mollycoddled something
      shameful. And I don�t think it�s because he�s an old man and frail, either.
      He�s well enough to parade the streets in broad daylight whenever there�s
      an anti-Castro march or demonstration going on. He�s not the least bit
      afraid to show his blotchy, pitted face, because he knows the authorities
      won�t touch an old CIA asset, no matter how big an embarrassment he gets to

      Or, in the case of his latest attempt on the life of a Venezuelan leader
      friendly with the Brothers Castro, *an ongoing diplomatic liability and a
      threat to hemispheric public safety.*

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