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Editorial of the newspaper of the Revolutionary Left Current in Syria: A transitional government… for whom?

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  • Cort Greene
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      Editorial of the newspaper of the Revolutionary Left Current in Syria: A
      transitional government� for whom?
      Posted on April 7,

      [image: 561303_446341728781906_2016080537_n]<http://syriafreedomforever.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/561303_446341728781906_2016080537_n.jpg>

      Thanks for the translation to a comrade who wants to stay anonymous�

      Editorial of the newspaper of the Revolutionary Left Current in Syria:

      April 6, 2013

      Front Line, the newspaper of the Revolutionary Left Current in Syria

      Issue 13 � March 2013



      The extension of the �liberated� areas from the shackles of the dictatorial
      bourgeois regime, and the extent of mass destruction which they undergo
      from the continuous shelling by regime forces, and the devastation of
      infrastructures and all aspects of social life, is accompanied by an
      increase in the number of local and civilian councils attempting to manage
      the affairs of the daily life of citizens. In parallel, coordination
      committees continue to develop in the form of self-organizing structures of
      the popular movement, while the battalions of the Popular Resistance
      democratic army � composed of masses who have borne arms and dissident
      soldiers � play their role of confronting the killing machine of the
      dictatorial regime; we exclude here the jihadists and Islamists supported
      by oil monarchies and who are minority factions and who limit their
      ambition to something else: an Islamic state, i.e., a reactionary project
      for which the revolutionary masses did not make their sacrifices; they did
      so rather for freedom, democracy, equality and social justice.

      The transitional government we support must embody the revolutionary social
      components of the popular revolution, namely the workers, poor peasants and
      soldiers. It should not be a game or a contract awarded following demands
      from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey in one of the hotels in Istanbul, and
      behind which are aligned the Muslim Brothers who have become a burden and
      an obstacle to the victory of the revolution because of their opportunism,
      their organic subordination to backward states, notably Qatar, and their
      ignoble use of financial funding and medias of their states to buy allies
      among the ranks of the people � which was denounced in many demonstrations.
      The Brotherhood-liberal government of Hito was established under the demand
      of Qatar, and these maneuvers of the Muslim Brotherhood have been rejected
      by the Free Army and the popular movement. It thus becomes a component of
      the counter-revolution, of which it is our duty to bring down, like the
      dictatorial regime.

      We call for a transitional government that would be the revolutionary
      expression of the power of the people in revolt.


      [image: 561433_441710879254911_1910834982_n]<http://syriafreedomforever.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/561433_441710879254911_1910834982_n.jpg>

      This majestic popular revolution enters its third year, in a context of
      major sacrifices, destruction, suffering and exile. And this is the
      revolution that extends its �liberated� territories, tightens its grip on
      the regime of the decadent junta and increasingly approaches victory.

      And despite the big uproar about the so-called regional and international
      support for the struggle of the Syrian people, we must admit the naked
      truth: our revolution is an orphan one, and many of those who claim to be
      its friends betray it.

      The allocation of the seat of Syria in the Arab League to the National
      Coalition has no more than a little symbolic value, since this league is a
      decaying institution of corrupt regimes facing popular uprisings. As for
      the financial support and weapons, it is almost all support by the Sheikhs
      of Qatar and Gulf group to the jihadists and Muslim brothers who, with the
      junta regime, constitute components of the counter-revolution, one wanting
      to steal it or turn into a religious war, the other working with all its
      power to put an end to it. None of these forces want it to triumph as a
      liberation revolution of the people from the yoke of repression,
      authoritarianism, exploitation � for an emancipated society based on
      justice and equality.

      Our revolution is indeed a majestic one. It is not only facing a murderous
      regime of the worst kind, which does not hesitate to treat its people as an
      enemy and try to crush them with all kinds of weapons and missiles. But it
      is also a magnificent revolution because it was able to prevent all parties
      of the above-cited counterrevolution from achieving their goals while
      preserving its original claims of emancipation, equality and justice.

      The challenges facing the popular revolution are many, including the
      attitude of many jihadis and Islamist groups who try to impose their
      visions and social conceptions in the liberated areas and have so far
      failed: the popular masses have challenged them in Aleppo, Mayadin,
      Al-Qusayr and other cities. It also faces delinquency and crime of armed
      groups that act as gangs and not as insurgents. Our revolution is also
      facing a siege, destruction, maneuvers and hypocrisy of the so-called
      �friends� of the Syrian people, who despite their promises have not
      provided arms to the democratic forces in the popular resistance, while
      weapons and money flow to the jihadists and Islamists.

      Despite these challenges, the Syrian people know their path and the
      revolution advances in its original social and national context, to topple
      the regime of the military junta and construct a free Syria, democratic,
      pluralistic and with social justice, for the power of the workers, peasants
      and the toiling masses.

      All the power and all the wealth to the people!

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