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The unmitigated gall of a Paraguayan dictator

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  • Cort Greene
    http://www.sabinabecker.com/2013/04/the-unmitigated-gall-of-a-paraguayan-dictator.html The unmitigated gall of a Paraguayan
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2013

      The unmitigated gall of a Paraguayan
      4, 2013 � Sabina Becker

      [image: federico-franco]

      Can you believe the nerve of this

      *The president of Paraguay, Federico Franco, called the death of Hugo
      Ch�vez a �miracle� today during a speech at a forum in Madrid.*

      �It�s a miracle that Mr. Ch�vez disappeared off the face of the Earth
      because he did a lot of damage to my country,� said Franco at a breakfast
      press conference in a central hotel in the Spanish capital, during a
      two-day working visit.

      The Paraguayan president claimed that Ch�vez�s Venezuela gave �protection�
      to members of the Paraguayan People�s Army (EPP), and for that reason
      blamed the late head of state �for kidnappings and deaths� caused by the
      guerrilla group.

      Franco replaced President Fernando Lugo in June, after the latter was
      ousted in a controversial political trial which caused Mercosur and Unasur
      to suspend Paraguay�s membership, considering the ouster to have broken the
      constitutional order.

      Today in Madrid he justified his appointment as head of state with a
      supposed attempt to destabilize Paraguay on the part of Venezuela and
      Ch�vez. �Paraguay is not a territory for Bolivarian ideas,� he said. �We
      conquered �Bolivarism� thanks to the censure motion.�

      He rejected the notion that he had arrived in power thanks to a coup
      d��tat, saying that his mandate is 14 months, and that he could not run in
      the presidential elections of April 21. �I am not sorry, nor am I ashamed,
      to have obtained the presidency in those conditions,� he said.

      Franco, who was received in La Moncloa by the Spanish prime minister,
      Mariano Rajoy, invited Spanish business leaders to invest in his country,
      assuring them that they could �carry the money out in a wheelbarrow.�

      *Paraguay will have more than 10% GDP growth this year and �has never
      nationalized Spanish businesses,� he said, alluding to the expropriations
      last year in Argentina and Bolivia.*

      Translation mine.

      So, to recap:

      He came into office totally illegitimately, but he isn�t ashamed of the
      fact. He pisses on the grave of an honorable president who isn�t there to
      defend himself. He makes false accusations (strangely similar to those made
      by El Narco, regarding the FARC) with no evidence to back them (because
      none exists, duh). Unasur and Mercosur have both ostracized Paraguay, and
      its economy is seriously hurting, as a direct result of this two-bit
      fascist�s �constitutional� coup against a popular, democratically elected
      leader. His 14-month reign of terror has been nothing short of a democratic
      and economic disaster. And yet he comes to Spain, cock in hand, to tell the
      local businessbastards that the GDP is set to grow 10%, and they can come
      with wheelbarrows to rob Paraguayans blind with impunity?

      And he has the chutzpah to say Paraguay is no place for Bolivarian ideas?
      On the contrary, it�s more than ripe for them.

      And *fascist motherfucker* is entirely too kind a thing to call Federico
      Fucking Franco.

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