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International delegation coming to Brazil to denounce violence in the fields

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  • Cort Greene
    This is a video of the brutality by the police in the crackdown on the unemployment Village Maracana on 22 March.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2013
      This is a video of the brutality by the police in the crackdown on the
      unemployment Village Maracana on 22 March.


      article below by the Brazilian section of the IMT below in Portuguese :

      A Aldeia Maracan� e as responsabilidades do PT


      International delegation coming to Brazil to denounce violence in the

      *The visit is in response to an increase in intimidation and violence
      against activists*

      [Translation of an article from *Brasil de Fato* for March 28. See original
      here <http://www.brasildefato.com.br/node/12486>.]

      An international delegation from the �Alternative Nobel Prize� (Right
      Livelihood Award) will visit Brazil between April 1 and 4 to seek justice
      and clarification of crimes committed against members of the Movimento dos
      Trabalhadores Rurais sem Terra (MST � Landless Workers� Movement) and the
      Comiss�o Pastoral da Terra (CPT � Pastoral Land Commission).

      The visit is in response to the increase in cases of intimidation and
      violence against social activists in Brazil. In a single year the number of
      activists in the country receiving threats increased by 117.6 percent. The
      delegation will visit the city of Marab�, in Par�, in the northern region
      of the country.

      Among the members of the international group are two recipients of the
      Alternative Nobel Prize, Angie Zelter, a representative of the British
      organization Trident Ploughshares (awarded in 2001) and the Argentine
      biologist Ra�l Montenegro (in 2004). Also participating will be Marianne
      Andersson, a member of the Directing Board of the Right Livelihood Award
      Foundation and former member of the Swedish parliament. She says, �The
      delegation will come to express solidarity with Brazilian activists, to
      denounce the crimes and attacks that social activist in this country are
      being subjected to and to demand the immediate implementation of agrarian

      *Violence in the fields*

      The choice of Par� to receive the delegation�s visit is due to the fact
      that the state has the highest rate of what is called slave labor and of
      threats against defenders of human rights, according to the report of a
      2005 investigation by the International Federation for Human Rights. The
      CPT reports that of 29 assassinations of Brazilian rural activists in 2011,
      twelve were in Par�. Furthermore, according the the MST, there is a strong
      climate of impunity in the region.

      The CPT confirms that the number of activists in the country being
      threatened increased from 125 to 347 between 2010 and 2011, according to
      the report �Conflictos no Campo: Brasil.� The most recent case of an attack
      against a Brazilian activist involved in the struggle for agrarian reform
      was the assassination of Cicero Guedes, an MST leader, shot to death in Rio
      de Janeiro by gunmen who are as yet unidentified.


      The delegation will take part in a public debate on the impunity that human
      rights violators enjoy. The event will be held in the Universidade do
      Estado do Par� in Marab� on April 2�

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