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Le Trio Joubran Six US City Tour

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  • Zahi Damuni
    Please Post Widely! Venue and reservation information at http://al-awda.org/trio.html Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition P R E S E N T S Le Trio
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2013
      Please Post Widely!

      Venue and reservation information at http://al-awda.org/trio.html

      Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition
      P R E S E N T S

      Le Trio Joubran
      Six US City Tour

      Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a six US city concert tour of internationally-acclaimed Palestinian Oud musicians Le Trio Joubran. Accompanied by virtuoso percussionist Yousef Hbeisch, Le Trio Joubran will be performing May 10 to May 19, 2013 in Florida's Orlando Tampa and Miami Fort Lauderdale areas, Cleveland Ohio, and in San Diego, Anaheim, and San Francisco in California.

      Le Trio Joubran are unique. They are the world's only professional oud trio. The three young Palestinian brothers - Samir, Wissam and Adnan, are the sons of a master oud craftsman from the Palestinian city of Nazareth. Samir, the eldest of the three at 38, is a stunning virtuoso with a tremendous international reputation. He was inspired to form the oud trio after listening to contemporary flamenco and jazz fusion guitarists. He is joined by Wissam, aged 29, who was apprenticed to his father and became the first stringed instrument maker from the Arab World to graduate from the Antonio Stradivari Institute in Italy. Wissam hand-crafted the three brother instruments played by the trio in the Joubran family's tradition. Adnan, the youngest at 26, is considered a prodigy by his brothers and his full musical talent has started to emerge.

      The oud, or Arab lute, is the voice of Palestinian tradition and classical Arab music. Its ancient origins date back as far as Mesopotamia and Pharonic Egypt; it is a distant cousin of Russia's balalaika and Japan's biwa, and the forefather of the European lute, brought to Western Europe by the Troubadours via Moorish Spain. Considered the king of instruments in the Arab world, the Oud remains popular today throughout North Africa and the Near and Middle East.

      The Joubran brothers proudly bring an awareness of their Palestinian culture and identity to the stage. However, once they start to play, the Oud's transcendent quality acts to bring people together, so that any divisions of culture, race and language cease to matter. The trio's music can remind the listener that beyond the horrifying headlines coming out of occupied Palestine, is a beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage - and hope.
      Between musical ecstasy and sumptuous silence, Le Trio Joubran carry their audience from elation to melancholy. Their overwhelming stage performances are both precise and overflowing with emotions that will take your breath away - Don't miss it!

      Join us! Watch, listen and enjoy as they perform AsFar their widely-acclaimed recent album.

      For venue details, ticket pricing, and advance reservations please see http://al-awda.org/trio.html
      For reservations by phone using your credit card, please call 760-918-9441 (9 AM - 11:59 AM PST) or 760-685-3243 (12 PM - 5 PM PST) Monday to Friday.

      Samples of Trio Joubran Music:
      a.. Le Trio Joubran New Album AsFar - Promo
      b.. Le Trio Joubran - Shajan
      c.. Le Trio Joubran with Mahmoud Darwish
      d.. HAWANA - Trio Joubran in Haifa concert 08
      e.. Le Trio Joubran Asfar Sama Cordoba
      "This is contemporary oud playing at its finest -inventive, quixotic and arresting" Songlines
      "The trio of intensely inspired and passionate musicians manages to triumph with a music that both moves the soul and makes the heart race with its fearless brilliance and command." John Adams, Composer in Residence at Carnegie Hall

      For more information: http://al-awda.org/trio.html
      On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/541664092522753/

      For more information about Le Trio Joubran, visit http://www.letriojoubran.com

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