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[LAAMN-ANN] No on Proposition 22

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  • Linda Pruett
    Fair-minded Friends: Here s a great way you can assist the fight against Prop 22 with hardly any effort on your part: The Pasadena No On Knight Coalition and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 2000
      Fair-minded Friends:

      Here's a great way you can assist the fight against Prop 22
      with hardly any effort on your part:

      The Pasadena No On Knight Coalition and All Saints Episcopal
      Church in Pasadena are currently preparing a full-page ad to
      run in the LA Times on Tuesday, February 29. It will be a
      statement by all people of faith who oppose Proposition 22.
      A rough draft for the text of the ad follows at the end of
      this message. The ad will include the names of clergy and
      lay-persons who wish to endorse the statement.

      If you would like to have your name listed, please send a
      brief message to Jim O'Donnell giving us permission to print
      your name.

      If you are clergy, please list your affiliation. Jim's
      address is: jimodonnell_2000@...

      That's it! There is no fee for having your name listed,
      although it is very expensive to run the ad. If you're able
      to make a contribution, please make your check out to All
      Saints Church and write "No On 22 Ad" in the memo section.
      Mail your contribution to

      All Saints Church
      Attn: Rev. Ed Bacon, rector
      132 N. Euclid Ave.
      Pasadena, CA 91101-1796

      Finally, please forward this message to anyone you think
      would want to sign on to the ad.


      Doug Thomas


      A rough draft of the ad copy follows:



      In 14 deceptively simple words, Proposition 22, the "Limit
      on Marriage" initiative, has the potential to harm people
      all over our state - people who are our daughters, sons,
      loved ones and neighbors.

      That's why our religious faith commands us to stand together
      and oppose Proposition 22.

      This initiative is not really about marriage. It is about
      discrimination. Its supporters claim they want to define
      marriage in California as only between a man and a woman.
      However, California law already does that. In fact, no
      state in the nation now recognizes same-sex marriage.
      Proposition 22 is both unnecessary and morally wrong.


      When similar laws have been enacted in other states, they
      have been used to roll back the civil righs of gay and
      lesbian families. Proposition 22 is only one of many efforts
      across the nation to limi the rights and freedoms of a
      sexual minority.

      The initiative seeks to deny equal treatment of certain
      individuals for what they are. That is unjust and will only
      serve to codify bigotry. Religious people affirm the
      centrality of justice and stand together in opposition to
      Proposition 22.


      It is troubling that so much of the support for Proposition
      22 is cast in religious language. Why is it that so many
      cannot remember the basic religious teaching that we - all
      of us, straight and gay and lesbian - are children of God,
      the Creator of the Universe.

      The love that God calls us to, the love that binds two
      people together in sincere and devoted commitment, is
      accessible to all God's children. We urge you to remember
      the fundamental religious principle that we are all created
      in the image of God and discrimination and injustice will
      not be tolerated. You can do that by voting "No" on
      Proposition 22.


      How can two loving adults coming together to form a family
      harm family values? We do not believe our families and
      marriages and communities are so fragile and shallow that
      they are threatened by the love between two adults of the
      same sex.

      At the same time, Proposition 22 is unconscionably silent on
      the real problems facing California's families. This
      initiative will not prevent infidelity, divorce, chaos, and
      spousal abuse or teenage parenthood. Nor will it address
      the issues of poverty that shatter so many families.
      Instead, it singles out one group - a sexual minorty - and
      promotes fear and division within this state.

      As people of religious faith, we seek to love our neighbors
      as ourselves and call upon all Californians to join us in
      voting "No" on Proposition 22.


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