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Mourning the death of revolutionary leaders

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  • Victor
    I thought it important for comrades to hear the revolutionary precision of the words of Jorge Altamira (Partido Obrero (Argentina)) regarding the illness
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2013
      I thought it important for comrades to hear the revolutionary precision of the words of Jorge Altamira (Partido Obrero (Argentina)) regarding the illness afflicting Hugo Chavez a year ago, which ring just as true today with the passing of the Venezuelan leader, in the context of solidarity with all Venezuelan people and those in struggle. Here is first the Spanish and then my English translation (full original text: http://po.org.ar/po1252/2012/12/13/hugo-chavez/)

      "Ningún socialista ha dejado de asociarse al dolor de las masas cuando pierden a sus grandes caudillos, pero ello no los ha apartado nunca de continuar con la crítica severa que sirva para apartarlos del callejón sin salida del nacionalismo, que en las naciones oprimidas aparece como un antimperialismo -casi siempre verborrágico. Los caudillos nacionalistas se sirven del influjo que ejercen en las masas, no para abrir una ruta de autoemancipación, sino para someterlas a la regimentación del Estado, como factor de presión frente algunos intereses capitalistas foráneos." (nota completa http://po.org.ar/po1252/2012/12/13/hugo-chavez/)

      "No socialist has ceased to be associated with the pain of the masses when they lose their great leaders, but that has never kept them from continuing a severe criticism that serves to separate them from the dead end of nationalism, which appears in the oppressed nations as an outspoken anti-imperialism, more words than deeds. The nationalist leaders serve the influence they exert on the masses, not to open a path of self-emancipation, but to force submission to the regimentation of the State, as pressure against some foreign capitalist interests"

      I am moved to speak here in the face of an incessant unconditional cheerleading for the chavista official nationalist line, made to pass here as the only form of adequate revolutionary solidarity with the working class and people of Venezuela, which is so selective in the information it covers, that no mention at all has been made of the murder at the hands of paramilitary thugs of Sabino Romero, in a context of complete ineffectiveness of the Venezuelan state to defend him or to investigate his murder. See article written by Venezuelan revolutionary Marxist group Opción Obrera (Spanish):

      Background article in English: http://www.pslweb.org/liberationnews/news/venezuelan-indigenous-leader-cacique-sabino-romero.html

      Victor Kane
      Buenos Aires and Los Angeles
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