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Meet Olympic Medalists John Carlos & Ulis Williams Today (Saturday) as They Endorse Ron Gochez for LA City Council, District 9 ~ Saturday, February 23rd, 4:00 PM at Los Angeles Workers' Center ~ Frank Dorrel also Endorses Ron Gochez for LA City Council

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  • Frank Dorrel
    I have known Ron Gochez for many years now. I have much respect for him. I totally endorse him for LA City Council. Frank Dorrel John Carlos & Ulis Williams in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2013
      I have known Ron Gochez for many years now. I have much respect for him. I
      totally endorse him for LA City Council.
      Frank Dorrel

      John Carlos & Ulis Williams in LA to Endorse
      Ron Gochez for LA City Council, District 9

      Today - Saturday, February 23rd at 4:00 PM
      Los Angeles Workers' Center (Red House)
      1251 S. Saint Andrew Place, Los Angeles 90019

      CAMPAIGN UPDATE: I'm proud to announce that John Carlos is coming to
      Los Angeles this coming Saturday to endorse my People's Campaign for LA
      City Council, District 9! Join us at this fundraiser event to support
      our Campaign and to meet a living legend! John Carlos was a medalist at
      the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City (same year as the Tlatelolco massacre)
      and he's world famous for putting up his left fist (along with Tommie
      Smith) to represent Black Power! He's also an activist and an author.
      We will also be joined by our brother Ulis Williams, a Gold medalist in
      the 1964 Tokyo Olympics who is also a member of the Southern CA
      Immigration Coalition!

      Ron Gochez:

      Social Justice Educator
      Community Organizer
      Candidate for LA City Council, District 9

      Ron Gochez is the proud son of two working-class migrants who were
      undocumented at the time of his birth. His mother left El Salvador because
      of the civil war. He's never met his biological father who was from Mexico.
      For Ron, his stepfather, whom he met before celebrating his first birthday,
      has been a wonderful father. Ron has a younger brother.

      Ron graduated from San Diego State University and then earned his masters at
      UCLA. He's currently a high school history teacher in South Central LA, a
      proud member of United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA), Vice President of the
      South Central Neighborhood Council and a leading member of multiple
      community based organizations.

      What Ron Stands For:
      As a working class community, we need to realize that the only way that we
      can defend our interests and win political power is if to organize ourselves
      independently from the two-party system that is responsible for many of the
      problems plaguing our communities. As of today, every member of the Los
      Angeles City Council holds some form of loyalty to that two-party system.
      This campaign will challenge that. There are many important issues that I
      will fight for when you elect me to advocate on your behalf on the City

      Among Them Are:

      Union jobs, Living wage Jobs, Improved Worker Standards & Safety, Training
      Programs, etc.
      Will fight to bring investment to our community which is often forgotten or

      I will continue to support a fully funded Public Education system and
      African-American & Latin American Studies courses.
      I'll oppose budget cuts, school closures and the privatization of education!

      Build a stronger relationship for everyone in CD9 but primarily between the
      African-American and Latin-American community.
      Fund youth programs to prevent gang violence, drug use.

      Creation of an ELECTED Citizen Oversight Committee to fight racial profiling
      and the targeting of communities of color;
      stop the 30-day vehicle impounds of undocumented immigrants.

      Neighborhood beautification programs, programs for our youth and for our
      elders, murals, arts, parks, trash cans throughout our community...etc.
      Simple things that will improve South Central and Downtown LA

      I will fight to defend ALL the people of District 9, including undocumented
      migrants and immigrants.
      I have always supported FULL LEGALIZATION for all and will continue to do
      I will immediately push for a moratorium on ICE raids and deportations in
      the city of LA!

      Fix our streets (pot holes...etc), repair street lights, convert abandoned
      buildings to
      community centers, community gardens, increase scrutiny against
      irresponsible landlords, etc.

      Create stronger rules to protect tenants rights, force building owners to
      repair faulty buildings faster, etc.
      Will advocate for the thousands of homeless people who live in our district.


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