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Honduras: COFADEH's response to Xatruch press conference Thu, 02/21/2013 -

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  • Cort Greene
    http://quotha.net/node/2444 COFADEH s response to Xatruch press conference Thu, 02/21/2013 - 15:41 — AP Translation from SOAW volunteers: *Xatruch III, Get
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      COFADEH's response to Xatruch press conference
      Thu, 02/21/2013 - 15:41 � AP

      Translation from SOAW volunteers:
      *Xatruch III, Get off the streets ... Get out of the Agu�n ... and give us
      back our tranquility...!*

      It is unconscionable for us that we could return to the old ways and the
      old methods of the 1980s. We were surprised when, during a press conference
      on Monday, February 18, the Commander of the Xatruch III Task Force,
      Infantry DEM Colonel German Antonio Alfaro Escalante (based in the Agu�n)
      made accusations against digital media, including defensoresenlinea.com,
      the Committee of Relatives of the Detained and Disappeared in Honduras
      (COFADEH)�s online newspaper specializing in human rights.

      In the 1980s, they did the same thing in the department of Olancho, in the
      community of El Aguacate, where a military base was installed to run
      counterinsurgency operations. Today, we remember it as a clandestine
      cemetery from the days of the National Security Doctrine.

      During this era, the men in olive green uniforms became personalities of
      social welfare, attracting rural communities with medical brigades, giving
      them hoes, machetes, grains and picks, to first gain their confidence and
      then, install terror and death. Community by community was militarized,
      their leaders persecuted, tortured, killed and disappeared, as were the
      cases of Father Guadalupe Carney and Dr. Jos� Mar�a Reyes Mata among others
      who were disappeared. Even today we look for their bodies, and we demand

      We have no doubt that the militarization of our country is a strategy to
      annihilate the demands of the citizenry, and, therefore, the army should
      not be in the streets, in any part of our territory, nor should they be in
      control of state institutions or public safety in Honduras. It has been
      shown that they are not the solution; they are the problem. So they should
      stop inventing enemies where none exist, and wars where we do not want them.

      They must return to their military units, to their battalions. We do not
      want them even fighting fires, nor as medical brigades, nor guarding the
      ballot boxes under the pretext of ensuring democracy in this country.

      As for the threats the Commander of the Xatruch III says he has received
      from the United States and Europe, in reality, those are communications in
      solidarity with the farmers of the Agu�n. Be not afraid of this, Colonel...!

      The presence of Xatruch III in the Aguan IS a real threat. We said that
      yesterday and we repeat it again today. An army that settles a critical
      situation by way of weapons, tear gas, torture, detentions, the
      criminalization of the peasant struggle, and attacks on the press, is an
      army condemned to never overcome its primitive state. (Stone Age)

      From defensoresenlinea.com we tell you that we do not receive orders from
      anyone nor do we orchestrate CAMPAIGNS against anybody, we do what we have
      to do in favor of the victims. When they stop making attempts against human
      life, freedom of movement, freedom of expression, the right of youth to
      dress and wear their hair as they want, only then will the voices be silent
      and the writers stop writing.

      We inform you that neither the Committee of Relatives of the Detained and
      Disappeared of Honduras (COFADEH), nor our media team, nor Marvin Palacios
      are intimidated by this�. Away with your efforts to scare us!�.

      Drop the attitude of death and terrorism, withdraw from the Aguan, return
      to your barracks, and then we�ll advance. With your attitude you are
      creating and inventing enemies where there are none. There is no communism
      here, what is here are people who have risen up to demand justice, who have
      had enough of impunity.

      To Infantry Colonel German Antonio Alfaro Escalante, we order you to not
      impose your stars, uniform, nor weapons to silence the media. Don�t hide
      the reality, Colonel! Don�t be afraid of your actions, be brave, don�t
      forget that at COFADEH we are the surviving victims of your practices of
      war and we know your methods.

      The crimes and criminals
      Will neither be forgiven nor forgotten!

      Tegucigalpa, February 19, 2013

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