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HOV - President Chavez is back in Venezuela

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  • Cort Greene
    http://www.marxist.com/president-chavez-is-back-in-venezuela.htm President Chavez is back in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2013

      President Chavez is back in
      Written by Hands Off VenezuelaMonday, 18 February 2013
      [image: Print]<http://www.marxist.com/president-chavez-is-back-in-venezuela/print.htm#>

      Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez returned to Venezuela in the early this
      Monday, February 18th, after completing the first part of his post
      operatory recovery in Havana Cuba, where he underwent surgery on December

      [image: chavez flickr]<http://www.marxist.com/images/stories/venezuela/chavez_flickr.jpg>He
      announced his return on his Twitter
      two messages in which he also expressed his gratitude to the Cuban people,
      Cuban president Raul Castro and Fidel Castro.

      The international media had kept up a constant campaign of lies and
      misinformation about the president's health. A particularly disgusting role
      has been played by the Spanish paper ABC and its "journalist" Emili J
      which on two occasions published "reports" quoting from "sources in the
      medical team" to the effect that Chávez was in a coma and about to be
      disconnected ("which would result in
      and then that his family had already been told that "he would never

      The indecent haste of a particular section of the mass media to get rid of
      president Chávez is a reflection of how much they hate what he represents:
      the Bolivarian revolution, the extraordinary social conquests achieved in
      Venezuela, the stated aim of going towards socialism and a firm stance in
      opposition to US imperialist meddling in Latin America.

      To them we say, louder than ever: Hands Off Venezuela!

      For updated news and analysis about the Bolivarian revolution follow Hands
      off Venezuela on the web (http://www.handsoffvenezuela.org), Facebook (
      http://www.facebook.com/hands.off.venezuela) and Twitter (

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