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The Syrian people will not kneel, despite threats from outside and within

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  • Cort Greene
    http://syriafreedomforever.wordpress.com/2013/02/13/the-syrian-people-will-not-kneel-despite-threats-from-outside-and-within/ The Syrian people will not kneel,
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      The Syrian people will not kneel, despite threats from outside and within
      Posted on February 13,

      The people of Syria, nearly two years after the beginning of the
      revolution, continue to struggle against the criminal and authoritarian
      regimes for the same objectives: freedom and dignity. This might seem
      repetitive for some who read often this blog, but it is always important to
      repeat this permanent truth as the Syrian Revolution has been described
      increasingly for the past year as a conflict, a civil war or even by the
      most compliant to the Assad regime or Stalinist ideology as a conspiracy.
      It is also not a sectarian war as reminded by this child holding this

      On this path for freedom and dignity, not only the Syrian people have to
      face the murderous repression of the regime, which has brought death and
      destruction to the country, but the political games of the international
      community trying to impose again and again a deal with the regime on one
      side and the other side the threats of opportunists and new forms
      of authoritarianism exemplified by Jahbat al Nusra and co. All these
      threats have the same objective: prevent radical change from below from the
      Syrian revolutionary people.

      *Khatib�s proposal and dialogue with the dictatorial regime*

      Our position regarding dialogue with the dictatorial regime has been
      expressed by the declaration of Syrian Revolutionary Left Current (in Arabic
      We reproduce it here in English:

      We witnessed at the beginning of this year, two important events regarding
      the activities of the Syrian opposition, the first a meeting of the
      National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change (NCCDC) in Geneva and
      returned at its conclusion to reach an understanding to condition a
      dialogue with the ruling junta regime. The second event was the initiative
      of Sheikh Maaz Khatib, head of the National Coalition, who also suggested a
      conditional dialogue with the regime.

      No sane person can refuse lightly everything that can stop or ease the
      suffering of our people and their great sacrifices, but this does not mean
      that we have to accept and support any initiative claiming it is seeking to
      do so. The judgment on such initiatives is subject, from our point of view,
      to the criteria�s meeting the following conditions: to provide for the
      masses the ability to re-establish their fight and struggle to topple the
      dictatorial regime, and that does not provide for the latter to prolong its
      time or survival, and in particular that allow the space for radical change
      from the bottom in favor of the popular classes and to serve their direct
      and general interests.

      (NCCDC) and Sheikh Moaz initiatives both converge in calling for �change
      from above�, with the difference that the initiative of Sheikh al-Khatib,
      whatever is its ultimate fate, reflects clearly the will of the traditional
      bourgeoisie and especially of Damascus, to find a solution that maintains
      its class interests, which were served by the current regime for decades,
      but that became threaten completely with this popular revolution. This
      bourgeois class became encourage for the need for partial change partial
      and from above of the dictatorial regime, restricted to political feature,
      and not social ones. This is originally what is calling for the allies of
      the regime and also the countries that claim to be the friend of the Syrian
      people, and both parties do not want or wish for the victory of the popular

      In this context, we express our rejection of such initiatives that do not
      meet the root political and social requirements from the bottom of the
      popular revolution, and does not contribute to the strengthening of the
      popular movement, on the path to victory.

      All the power and wealth to the people

      Revolutionary Left Current in Syria

      Damascus 10/2/2013

      The main argument is indeed that it threatens change from below, in other
      words real and radical change. During the protests last Friday February 8th
      the revolutionaries throughout the country brandished placards saying � *we
      will only negotiate on the departure of the*regime �, demonstrating once
      again the will of the Syrian people to continue the struggle with the
      objective of overthrowing the regime and they will not accept anything less.

      The necessity to trial and judge Bashar al Assad and all who have blood on
      their hands is important also for many Syrians. This placard held by a
      child says: �*the initiative that does not include the trial of Al Assad is
      refused and considered pariah*��

      In the mean time, the regime has refused Sheikh Khatib�s proposal and
      continue its criminal repression.

      *Syria�s economic and social difficulties*

      Syria has suffered an economic loss of $48.4 billion in the past 22 months,
      accounting for 81.7 percent of its GDP in 2012, according to data from the
      Syria Policy Studies Center.

      Syria�s GDP declined by 29.1 percent year on year in 2012 caused by
      destruction of production facilities, deterioration of the security
      situation as well as economic sanctions, according to a recent United
      Nations report.

      Syria posted a 35-percent unemployment rate in 2012, and the figure could
      exceed 60 percent by the end of 2015 if the turbulence continues, the
      report said.

      The ongoing crisis is likely to cost Syria 60 percent of its GDP by 2015,
      said Abdullah Dardari, former Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs of
      Syria, who is also an economist with the United Nations Economic and Social
      Commission for Western Asia.

      Official data showed that the Syrian turmoil has damaged public and private
      facilities worth nearly 25.3 billion US dollars across the country, with
      624,000 families and 3.3 million people suffering from the destruction.

      A total of 2,326 schools have been damaged ever since the conflicts broke
      out in Syria, official data show. Although 300 of the damaged facilities
      have been repaired, schools in some provinces have not been able to resume
      teaching due to security concerns. The northern Aleppo Province only has 11
      percent of its schools resuming classes, a rate well below the national
      average of 75 percent, reports said.

      The conflicts also destroyed 25 public hospitals and 111 medical centers
      and forced 25 out of its 72 pharmaceutical factories to suspend production,
      Syria had 170 of its 700 telephone switchboards and 1,700 of its 6,000
      cellphone signal towers destroyed in the unrest.

      Meanwhile, the country is facing flour and bread shortages.

      Since some flour mills have been forced to suspend production, the flour
      output across the whole country has dropped to 5,500 tons per day, falling
      far short of the nationwide demand of 7,000 tons.

      As a response, the Syrian government has resorted to its flour reserve
      while planning to import 100,000 tons of flour to ease the shortages.

      *Threats from within*

      The revolutionaries of Syria have not only had to face initiatives
      threatening as we said the revolutionary process from above but also
      threats from the bottom by groups such as Jabhat al Nusra holding a
      reactionary ideology and a sectarian discourse (see articlehttp://

      In this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_1xdQX33pM) filmed in the
      city of Saraqeb, we can see Jahbat al Nusra members trying to pull down the
      Syrian revolutionary flag! The people in the demonstration fought back by
      driving back Jabhat al Nusra�s members, while chanting the Syrian people
      are one!

      Incidents have multiplied with the population in zones dominated by Jabhat
      al Nusra, which tries to impose its ideology and way of life on the

      The Sharia Body in Aleppo has been the target of protesters of Bustan Qasr
      after arresting Wael Ibrahim known as Abu Maryam, an activist and member of
      the Field Office of the very active neighborhood of Bustan Qasr on the
      accusation of rejecting of the Islamic Caliphate and meddling with the
      regime, this latter�s accusation was completely wrong, while the first one
      was not as Abu Maryam has been since the beginning arguing for a Civil and
      pluralist State. Abu Maryam was released a day after following popular
      protests against the Sharia Body.

      Placard from a protests to free Abu Maryam: �*Open Sit-In to free the
      activist Abu Maryam*�

      You check Abu Maryam�s interview after his release here:

      In both cases, these attempts threatens the self organization of the
      revolutionary people who have been able to establish popular committees at
      the level of villages, neighborhoods, cities and regions since the
      beginning of the revolution. These popular committees are the real backbone
      of the movement, mobilizing the people for demonstrations. They have also
      developed forms of self-management based on the organization of the masses
      in the areas liberated from the yoke of the regime. These popular
      committees in coordination with the popular armed resistance have been the
      basis for resistance against the regime; anything that threatens these two
      aspects threatens the existence of the popular movement and therefore the
      resistance to regime.

      We condemn all acts that go against the spirit of this revolution and the
      victory of the Syrian masses.

      The Syrian people will not allow any other form of authoritarianism submit
      them, every groups in the path of the revolutionary process will be crushed
      by the revolutionary masses.

      As written in this placard in Aleppo a couple of month ago: �*Syria is:
      Free Syria, and not Assad�s Syria and of any other animal*�

      The Syrian people know that the regime and some sections of the opposition
      want to divide the Syrian people through ethnic, sectarian and tribal
      differences, but the Syrian people will not fall in this trap as they have
      not for the past two years. This placard reminds this will:

      �If we stay affiliated to our sect, we will stay slave for eternity and
      forever minority, yes to the civil until we become really the majority�

      �the sectarian songs (slogans) do not represent the fine people of Bunsh�

      The popular movement continues to believe in the victory of the revolution
      in combining peaceful and armed resistance on a daily basis. These two
      following placards exemplify this belief:

      �the crag, the pen, the camera, the bullet, the variety of our weapons and
      one victory.�

      �Hand in Hand, pacifists and armed militants, together to overthrow the

      The past few weeks have also seen pacific actions such as � exams of
      blood � undertaken mainly by members of the Union of the Free Students
      throughout Syria to pay tribute to the martyrs of the University of Aleppo
      assassinated by the regime in a plane bombing. In the same time, despite
      the lack of resources and assistance, groups of the Free Syrian army
      continues to welcome new defectors and gain new victories. The general of
      the Free Syrian army Abd El-Jaber appeared in the neighborhood reminding
      the unicity of the peaceful and armed resistance of the Syrian people (
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lkIVAVzONsQ). He
      recalled that it was the regime that pushed the revolution to arm itself,
      saying that the peaceful demonstrations are the spirit and the origin of
      the revolution.

      Together armed and civilian resistance will lead to the victory and the
      fall of the regime and build a Syria for all.

      �*Our objective is not only to overthrow the regime�. it is to build a
      country that respects everyone regardless of the political, religious and
      ethnic appurtenances*� Zabadani

      *One solution: permanent revolution*

      The Syrian people have spoken and their decision is clear: they wish to
      continue the revolution to overthrow the regime and build a Free Syria open
      to everyone without any discriminations. The Syrian revolutionaries will
      not accept anything less, represented by this placard that was seen
      throughout Syria last week: �*No one can or will be able to impose on us
      solutions that do not achieve (realize) the objectives of our revolution*�

      The future is in the hand of the Free Syrian people that has already paid
      such a heavy price for their struggle for freedom and dignity, but will
      continue until victory.

      Victory to the Syrian Revolution and Peace to our martyrs

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