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Venezuela:Walter Martínez debunks a disgusting rumo r

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  • Cort Greene
    http://www.sabinabecker.com/2013/01/walter-martinez-debunks-a-disgusting-rumor.html Walter Martínez debunks a disgusting
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 2013

      Walter Mart�nez debunks a disgusting
      23, 2013 � Sabina Becker


      Apparently there�s been yet another dirty lie circulating on the Internets
      about the health of a certain popular Venezuelan president. A video has
      surfaced, purporting to show him in a �critical� state. Would it surprise
      you greatly to know that the man in the video above isn�t Chavecito? And
      that Venezuelan journalist Walter Mart�nez has some very harsh
      words<http://www.aporrea.org/actualidad/n221857.html> for
      the asshole who spread that lie around?

      *The host of VTV�s program �Dossier�, Walter Mart�nez, debunked the video
      which is making the rounds of the social networks, in which President
      Ch�vez is supposedly seen during his operation, performed on December 11,

      �This is one more filthy lie, which is being circulated in the electronic
      media,� Mart�nez said.

      Mart�nez also condemned the attitude of the Panamanian ex-ambassador,
      Guillermo Cochez, who retransmitted the video to make people believe that
      it was Ch�vez who appeared in it.�

      �This is not the 30 seconds the ex-ambassador showed, but the entire three
      minutes of an intervention to save the life of a patient, 48 years of age,
      whom they were trying to intubate in order to perform a resection of a
      hypophyseal adenoma,� Mart�nez explained.

      *Mart�nez explained the procedure on the video step by step, and revealed
      the year in which the video had originally appeared on the Internet: �They
      published it in 2008. It has nothing to do with what this copr�fago, the
      former ambassador of Panama to the Organization of American States (OAS),
      was trying to do when he took 30 seconds of the video, from a certain
      angle, and showed it to everyone in Washington.�*

      Translation mine.

      *Copr�fago* is a very nice, medical-Greek Spanish way of saying
      �shit-eater�, literally.

      Walter Mart�nez uses another word, too, one not medicalese, but a Spanish
      word which has no English translation: *cochinada,* a noun which implies
      piggishness and sloppiness. (Incidentally, there *is* a German equivalent: *
      Schweinerei.*) He incorporates that very skilfully into a play on the name
      of the ex-ambassador, Cochez, �or Cochon�, he says. *Cochon* is French for

      Yes, that�s right, he called the ex-ambassador of Panama to the OAS a
      shit-eating pig.

      I�m sure the pigs have every right to feel grievously insulted, as do the
      shit-eaters of the world.

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