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Venezuela: Opposition (MUD) calls off rally in Caracas on Jan.23rd, smaller concentration in Sucre municipality

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  • Cort Greene
    1. The twitterverse in Venezuela has stories that President Chavez may be expected back hopefully within some weeks... [image: Hands Off Venezuela]
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 19, 2013
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      1. The twitterverse in Venezuela has stories that President Chavez may
      be expected back hopefully within some weeks...

      [image: Hands Off Venezuela] <https://twitter.com/HOVcampaign>*

      *Hands Off Venezuela *@ *HOVcampaign* <https://twitter.com/HOVcampaign>

      (VIDEO) opposition leader Julio Borges Freudian slip: "unfortunately the
      president is recovering from his operation" http://www.
      aporrea.org/oposicion/n221 670.html ... <http://t.co/ZAxO3hvu>

      2. 18h <https://twitter.com/HOVcampaign/status/292380445537103872>[image:
      Hands Off Venezuela]*Hands Off Venezuela *@

      Opposition protest cancels Jan 23 March - it would show Realise Their
      Lack of support


      18/01/13.-Representantes call Democratic Unity Table, which includes
      right political parties, reported Friday the suspension of the march had
      been organized for 23 January this year. Instead, they called on their
      followers to focus on the Parque Miranda, Sucre municipality, at
      10:00 am.The
      MUD announced that due to alleged violence by the national government for
      the January 23, they decided to change the mode of political activity and
      called for the merger, said the statement posted on the website of the
      coalition. 's right organization said it had "sufficient evidence that
      the Government has clear intentions to take the city streets with the
      purpose of promoting violence. " In Venezuela, major marches and rallies
      taking place in Caracas, the capital. Generally performed in different
      points of the city. The opposition is concentrated in the east, while
      the west does Revolution. Nevertheless, this time, the MUD chose to
      change their plans, insisting that they represent peace and the government
      "violence". They mentioned that this concentration is performed in order
      to "defend the legality" and therefore invite those who oppose the "usurper
      authoritarian regime."

      Chavez is calm and conscious of post-operative period

      Caracas, 18 Ene. AVN.- Following a visit three days ago to the president of
      the Republic, Hugo Chavez, executive vice-president Nicolas Maduro informed
      Thursday that Venezuelan leader is conscious of all phases of
      post-operative period, after a surgery he underwent last December 11 in
      Havana, Cuba.

      "In general, I see him very calm, very serene, very conscious of all the
      phases through which he has passed in the post-operative period," Maduro
      said in an interview with Efe and broadcast by website Noticias24.

      Maduro, who visited Chavez last Monday in Havana, explained that "all phase
      of infection has been controlled," referring to respiratory infection the
      national leader suffered.

      He added that information on Chavez's health has been handled according to
      his world leadership and denounced that, despite official statements,
      public opinion has been manipulated against data being provided.

      "Hugo Chavez is president and will continue to be so. We have been very
      clear of role played by president. However, we are facing a media war,
      really miserable on president's life and health. It is a mortuary
      journalism, full of evil, particularly installed in Spain, in ABC
      newspaper, for example."

      VP said that "perhaps the next few days, after meeting with medical staff,
      more accurate information will be provided on president Chavez's clinical
      progress for the coming weeks and what time he could be ready to turn back
      to Caracas."

      When asked about president Chavez's temporary absence, Maduro answered
      there is an ongoing government and "there are no assumptions for a
      temporary absence. There is a government in office working."

      *Appointment of Jaua*

      On January 15, VP announced, by decision of the President of the Republic,
      that sociologist and socialist leader Elias Jaua is the new Venezuelan
      foreign minister.

      This appointment, published in the Official Gazette, was challenged by
      government retractors. In this regard, Maduro replied that it is a decision
      underpinned by a reliable document.

      "They were the ones who forged a letter and president's signature, saying
      that he had voluntarily resigned on April 11-13, 2002. Now, they question
      the designation done with all of the seriousness and formality in the
      Bolivarian government by the one who can designate people, the president of
      the republic, who runs foreign policy and has appointed a top chancellor."

      VP added that while he was in Cuba, he talked to Fidel and Raul Castro
      about bilateral plans for cooperation on health, education, sports, culture
      and economy.

      "We do not lose a single second to talk about economic projects between
      both nations. Venezuela and Cuba have a set of joint investments and a very
      dynamic and multidimensional relation, so we took the opportunity to
      address these issues in order to be further developed," Maduro said.

      AVN 18/01/2013 15:04

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