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Venezuelan OAS Ambassador and allies denounce attacks by Panama at today's meeting

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  • Cort Greene
    OAS Ambassador Chaderton denounced attacks of Panama Washington, United States | January 16, 2013 Duration: 10m 42s Venezuela s ambassador to the Organization
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      OAS Ambassador Chaderton denounced attacks of Panama
      Washington, United States | January 16, 2013
      Duration: 10m 42s
      Venezuela's ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS)
      condemned attacks by the Ambassador of Panama to Venezuela, Willy Cochez,
      against the government of his country, through print media and the
      Internet, while maintaining "conspiratorial contacts "in the U.S. against
      the Bolivarian Revolution. Chaderton added that not a diplomat, nor
      political, nor gentleman, but "a jerk". teleSUR


      *The Standing Committee of the Organization of America States discussed the
      situation in Venezuela today, after the the Supreme Court (TSJ) ruled that
      President Chavez continues to be in command of the country.*
      *Ambassador of Panama, Guillermo Cochez denounced Venezuelan democracy as
      "sick" and called for intervention by the OAS. The representation of
      Canada to the hemispheric organization requested that a commission be sent
      to the country to observe the situation and submit a report to the OAS.*
      *The representative of Venezuela, Roy Chaderton, called Cochez a "lout" for
      calling for OAS intervention*
      * The representative of Brazil to the OAS explained that Chavez is out of
      the country with the permission of the National Assembly and recalled that
      the Supreme Court considers that the legal head of state is sworn.*
      * **Martin Sannemann, Ambassador of Paraguay to the OAS, said it would not
      rule on the situation in Venezuela, because "I do not do what they did with
      mine, intervening in internal affairs." *.

      * Meanwhile, Ecuador and Nicaragua rejected the "unfortunate expressions"
      the ambassador Cochez. "There are sovereign decisions that must be
      respected, have declared the legitimate institutions of the country and we
      have to respect them. We see all kinds of unnecessary initiative can be
      developed from the Organization of American States, "said the
      representative of Nicaragua. MarĂ­a Isabel Salvador and said the political
      project that happens in the country "is legitimate", because it has had the
      support of the people. *
      *The representative of Ecuador to the OAS, said that on behalf of his
      government rejects the statements of Ambassador Cochez and understood as
      personal expressions. "We can not take it as a position of the government
      of Panama because it would be an interference in the internal affairs of
      Venezuela," he said. said President Chavez "is going through an
      extraordinary circumstance and hope that exceed".*

      Venezuela claims Panamanian ambassador interference in its domestic affairs

      Caracas, 16 Ene. AVN.- Venezuelan ambassador to the Organization of
      American States (OAS), Roy Chaderton, condemned statements issued by his
      Panamanian counterpart Willy Cochez about Venezuela's democracy, affirming
      that they represent an open interference to this country's domestic affairs.

      "As politician familiarized with maneuvers, moves and interests, I confess
      I prefer to have debates with the owner of a circus, not with the most
      colorful and funny presenter at a circus. But the owner of the circus is
      very smart and prefers others to be spokespeople of his interests,"
      Chaderton responded to Cochez's address.

      Previously, the Panamanian spokesperson called into doubt the decision
      taken by Venezuela's public powers concerning the swearing-in ceremony of
      reelected President Hugo Chavez.

      Nevertheless, OAS secretary general Jose Miguel Insulza had expressed last
      Jan. 10 that this body "fully respects, how could it be otherwise, the
      decision of the constitutional powers of Venezuela regarding the
      inauguration of the President of that country."

      Caracas representative to the hemispheric body rejected Cochez's statements
      and explained that as diplomat "I avoid to give public opinions about
      domestic affairs of other countries, unless it is to respond to meddling

      Chaderton refused to accept that ambassador Cochez said such statements
      before the OAS following instructions of his Government, since Caracas and
      Panama have such a good relationship that the Central American country is
      privileged destination for Venezuela's public and private investment, as
      well as for cooperation programs."

      In this connection, he recalled that the Panamanian ambassador writes in
      the Venezuelan media against president Hugo Chavez "so freely that he
      guarantees Venezuela's democracy" himself. Also, he stressed that the
      diplomat keeps close ties with "people committed to destabilizing the
      Bolivarian democracy."

      In addition, Ambassador Chaderton said that his Panamanian counterpart has
      been encouraging opposition groups in Venezuela to travel to Cuba "to
      confirm the health condition" of the Head of State and trying to recreate a
      scene like that painted by Rembrandt in An Anatomy Lesson.

      "Mr Ambassador of Panama, you are not a politician neither a diplomat, nor
      a gentleman. Mr Ambassador of Panama, you are yokel and, to top it all, a
      bad painter," Chaderton finished.

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