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Palestinian Peace Activist Iyad Burnat, Oscar Nominee for "5 BROKEN CAMERAS" ~ Will Be on a Southern California Tour ~ January 14th thru January 20th (at All Saint Church in Pasadena)

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  • Frank Dorrel
    Leading Palestinian Peace Activist Iyad Burnat, Oscar Nominee for Film 5 BROKEN CAMERAS Will Be on a Southern California Tour: The Southern CA activist
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2013
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      Leading Palestinian Peace Activist Iyad Burnat,

      Oscar Nominee for Film "5 BROKEN CAMERAS"

      Will Be on a Southern California Tour:

      The Southern CA activist community is honored to host a leading Palestinian
      Peace Activist, Iyad Burnat from the village of Bil'in in the West Bank of
      occupied Palestine. Iyad's story is very much worth hearing and sharing.
      Bilin's story is a peaceful embodiment of the Palestinian struggle. Iyad is
      coming to us as part of a 3 month US tour. The feed back has been very

      Iyad and his family were the subject of the award winning documentary

      Iyad Burnat is the head of the Bil'in Popular Committee and a leader in the
      village's non-violent popular resistance movement. Since 2005 citizens of
      Bil'in have held weekly demonstrations against the building of the Israeli
      annexation/apartheid wall through the community's agricultural lands, and
      the steady encroachment of illegal settlements.

      Please make every effort to make it to any of the scheduled events as well
      as help us by inviting your family members & friends.

      Here's His Detailed Itinerary:

      Mon, Jan 14th Al-Awda San Diego 7pm, 2720 Loker Ave W Ste. J, Carlsbad, CA
      92010, Tel: 760-918-9441 email: info@...

      Tue, Jan 15th Friends of Sabeel & Unitarian Church 7:30 pm, 511 S. Harbor
      Blv, Anaheim

      Wed, Jan 16th Irvine United Congressional Church @ 7:30 pm 4915 Alton PKWY

      Thurs, 17th 1:00 pm USC- SJP in Tutor Campus Center Rosen Family Screening

      Thurs, 17th 7:00 pm UCLA - SJP/JVP Humanities A51

      Fri, Jan 18th Al-Awda OC / Shura Council @ 7pm email: Mazen Al-Moudad

      Sat, Jan 19th Al-Awda Conejo Valley @ 5pm 4550 Tierra Rejada Rd, Moorpark
      email: amanibarakat@...

      Sun, Jan 20th All Saint Church @ 10:00 am 132 N. Euclid Ave, Pasadena

      Thank you,

      Amani Barakat
      National Coordinating Committee Representative


      <http://www.kinolorber.com/video.php?id=1276> Now on DVD5 BROKEN CAMERAS
      will be available on DVD January 15, order now from Kino Lorber
      <http://www.kinolorber.com/video.php?id=1276> , Amazon.com
      <http://www.amazon.com/5-Broken-Cameras-Emad-Burnat/dp/B009NI2XVO> , and
      other fine DVD stores (USA/Canada only).

      To purchase the film electonrically in the USA and Canada, please visit
      Alive Mind Cinema <http://alivemindcinema.com/5brokencameras> .

      You may also watch on HULU PLUS (USA only, subscription required, free trial
      subscription available)

      d_fr_oscar.htm> Palestinian Film Nominated for Oscar

      Ramallah: A Palestinian film portraying the life of a Palestinian
      photographer and his son in a village witnessing the Palestinian-Israeli
      conflict on daily basis was nominated for an Oscar in the documentary
      feature category.

      "5 Broken Cameras,' the documentary directed by Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi,
      tells the story of a Palestinian man who lives in the small Palestinian
      village of Bilin, northwest of Ramallah, which is most famous for its
      popular and nonviolent weekly protests which started back in 2005, WAFA news
      agency reported.

      The entire movie was shot in and around Bilin and presents the stories of
      the director, Burnat, who took upon himself the responsibility of
      documenting the Israeli violations, raids, peaceful protests, the life of
      his son who was born with the beginning of the nonviolent resistance
      movement in the village and other outstanding figures and friends in the

      The title of the documentary refers to the five cameras that were smashed by
      Israeli soldiers while recording the struggle and steadfastness of the
      people of Bilin.

      "I started documenting what happens in Bilin from Israeli violations and
      raids to protests held by the residents as a way to expose the Israeli
      practices against Palestinians," Burnat told WAFA.

      "I later decided that I want to make a movie that tells the story of Bilin
      through authentic Palestinian voices." Burnat said he asked the help of
      Davidi who used to come to Bilin a lot to film and participate in the

      "I don't think the help of an Israeli director has affected the movie in the
      least since I am well aware of Davidi's position regarding the conflict," he

      When asked about Israeli media referring to the movie as an Israeli film, he
      said that the film is 100% Palestinian made by a Palestinian director and
      tells the story of the Palestinians of Bilin.

      He said "Israel is trying to take advantage of this nomination and attribute
      it to itself."

      Burnat spent five years working on his documentary which received high
      ratings by both critics and activists around the globe and was screened in
      the United States and many European countries and received about 25
      international awards.

      A review published in the Observer said that the movie "presents with
      overwhelming power a case of injustice on a massive scale, and gives a
      direct experience of what it's like to be on the receiving end of oppression
      and dispossession, administered by the unyielding, stony-faced
      representatives of those convinced of their own righteousness."

      Burnat said that the movie is a huge success not only for him as the
      director or the people of Bilin, but for every Palestinian.

      ou-end-the-occupation.html> '5 Broken Cameras' wins an Oscar- then will you
      end the occupation?

      There is a widespread sense inside our community that this film is The
      Horse; that it is the vehicle to bring wide attention to the horrors of the
      occupation. Abdeen Jabara has compared it to the Battle of Algiers
      -of-algiers-but-the-nyt-cant-say-tell-you-that.html> . Jewish Voice for
      Peace is promoting the film: "5 Broken Cameras ... is getting rave reviews
      from activists and critics alike.

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