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Fwd: [occupyla] New City Council nonsense attacks non-family housing

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  • Uncle Don B Fanning
    [It just gets more and more draconian. During a time when LA s high rent costs effectively *require* that people double up, this is an end run that may
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2013
      [It just gets more and more draconian. During a time when LA's high
      rent costs effectively *require* that people double up, this is an
      "end run" that may prevent us from taking care of one another during
      a "long emergency" that shows no sign of letting up! Damn it to
      hell!--- Get out there and DO SOMETHING! CALL LA City Council and do
      NOT be polite! Unfortunately, the original posting on 2013-01-08
      does not state when this measure is coming to a vote. ...uncledon.]

      Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2013 17:06:34 -0800
      To: occupyla@...
      From: Michael Novick <antiracistaction_la@...>
      Subject: [occupyla] New City Council nonsense attacks non-family housing


      Why Was CCFO Created?

      The Community Care Facilities Ordinance was created by former
      Councilman Greig Smith in order to eliminate sober living facilities
      in single family neighborhoods. Under Councilman Mitch Englander, the
      bill now attempts to eliminate nuisance properties and living
      arrangements that allegedly disturb the peace and safety of communities.

      How will CCFO address these concerns?

      It won't, and that's the problem.

      CCFO proposes to address this by amending sections of the LA City
      Municipal Code to:
      * Eliminate all formal shared housing arrangements in
      single-family residential communities by disallowing multiple leases
      in one unit.
      * Eliminates and/or regulates residential structures that house 3
      or more persons on probation or parole.

      However, this provides no new enforcement mechanisms or resources to
      regulate disruptive behaviors that already violate existing nuisance
      laws. These negligent property owners have ignored the problems
      to-date and will continue to find loopholes around the new law (e.g.
      putting everyone under one lease).

      What will happen if CCFO passes?


      Instead of adding to the stability of our communities, CCFO will only
      add more insecurity for our most vulnerable neighbors. It's bad policy.

      The following are examples of living arrangements that would become illegal:
      * Vets: 4 formerly homeless veterans sharing a home, each with a
      separate lease as required by the HUD-VASH voucher.
      * Seniors: 3 seniors who share a home to reduce housing expenses
      on their fixed income.
      * Low-Income Families: 2 families share a home, each with a
      verbal agreement to share expenses.
      * Students: 2 international or college students, each with own
      lease, renting from a senior home owner.
      * Persons w/ Disabilities: 3 people with disabilities share a
      home, each with own lease.

      If you doubt the impact, consider the following:
      * As many as 43,000 renters living in poverty in the City share
      living arrangements.
      * An additional 9,500 people living in poverty rent a room in a
      home, often from other renters.
      * People in poverty sharing living arrangements are already at
      significant risk of homelessness. The practice of "doubling up" would
      be illegal in many parts of the City, potentially leaving thousands
      of people no choice but the streets or shelters.

      - - -

      So, what's the alternative?

      Tell the City Council to VOTE NO. We need to enforce existing
      nuisance & maximum occupancy laws and strengthen the nuisance
      abatement process, not create more unenforceable regulations.

      - - -
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