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From HOV - “Caracas Declaration” & Photo's oppos ition attacks

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  • Cort Greene
    Join HOV for updates either on twitter or go to their website http://www.handsoffvenezuela.org/ [image: Hands Off Venezuela]
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2013
      Join HOV for updates either on twitter or go to their website

      [image: Hands Off Venezuela] <https://twitter.com/HOVcampaign>

      1. *Hands Off Venezuela *@ *HOVcampaign*<https://twitter.com/HOVcampaign>

      Political statement of ALBA Ministers meeting Petrocaribe, via @*
      teleSURtv * <https://twitter.com/teleSURtv>http:// bit.ly / VQTacm
      *Expand* <https://twitter.com/HOVcampaign/status/290020611449835520>
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      *Political Declaration *
      *of the Petrocaribe-Alba *
      *Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting *
      *We, the Governments of Antigua and Barbuda, Belize,*
      *Bolivia, Cuba, Dominica, Ecuador, Grenada, Guatemala, *
      *Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Nicaragua, the Dominican *
      *Republic, Saint Kitts and Nevis, e Saint Vincent and the *
      *Grenadines, Saint Lucia, Surinam and Venezuela have*
      *gathered, at the highest level, in Caracas, Bolivarian *
      *Republic of Venezuela, this 9 and 10 of January 2013, on *
      *the occasion of the Petrocaribe - ALBA Extraordinary *
      *Ministerial Meeting in solidarity with President Hugo *
      * At this Meeting we have undersigned this Political *
      *Declaration to: *
      *- Express the full endosement of the new political,*
      *economic, social and cultural spaces represented by*
      *Petrocaribe and the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples *
      *of Our America (ALBA), which were established at the *
      *initiative of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of *
      *Venezuela, Commander Hugo Chavez, and that *
      *constitute an essential contribution of the Bolivarian *
      *Revolution to the consolidation of regional union and *
      *integration. *
      *- Reiterate our full and absolute solidarity with the *
      *President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, *
      *Commander Hugo Chavez, who is fighting a major *
      *battle for his well being in our sister Republic of Cuba. *
      *- Join the numerous manifestations of faith and spiritual *
      *expressions all over the world, and we offer prayers for *
      *the full recovery of President Hugo Chavez� health and *
      *his prompt return to Venezuela, homeland of the *
      *Liberator Simon Bolivar. *
      *- Reiterate our congratulations to Commander Hugo *
      *Chavez on his victory in the elections held on 7 *
      *October 2012 with a significant majority of the popular *
      *and freely expressed vote. These elections resulted in *
      *his re-election as the President of the Bolivarian *
      *Republic of Venezuela for a new term of six years *
      *starting on 10 January 2013. *
      *- Also congratulate the Venezuelan people on their *
      *impressive demonstration of their democratic *
      *commitment and citizenship represented by their *
      *overwhelming participation in the presidential elections *
      *of 7 October 2012, which was a record in the *
      *republican history of Venezuela. *
      *- Wish to express our full confidence in the Government *
      *of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the *
      *democratic institutions of that fraternal country and we *
      *fully support the actions which have been taken within *
      *the framework of the Constitution of the Bolivarian*
      *Republic of Venezuela to make sure that the *
      *democratically expressed will of the Venezuelan *
      *people is seriously respected. *
      *- Affirm that we will be steadfast with the Venezuelan *
      *people and their Bolivarian Government in strict *
      *respect for the sovereignty of the Bolivarian Republic *
      *of Venezuela, in its effort to ensure that the health *
      *situation of President Hugo Ch�vez be not used as a*
      *pretext by the enemies of the Bolivarian Revolution to *
      *destabilize the Venezuelan homeland; and accordingly *
      *denounce any interference in Venezuela�s internal *
      *affairs, a matter on which the Venezuelan people have *
      *clearly expressed their democratic will. *
      *- Urge respect for the ruling of the Supreme Court of the *
      *Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the body which has *
      *the duty and power to interpret the provisions of the *
      *constitution, which affirms the supremacy of the rule of *
      *law and the settled view that nothing should trump the *
      *will of the people, overwhelmingly expressed in the*
      *presidential elections of 7 October 2012. *
      *- Express our congratulations to the Government of the *
      *Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, on leading this *
      *Petrocaribe � ALBA Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting *
      *that has been successfully developed and concluded.*
      *- Express appreciation to the Government and people of *
      *the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for the generous *
      *hospitality extended to us during the Extraordinary*
      *Ministerial Meeting of Ministers of Petrocaribe � ALBA. *
      *Caracas, 10 January 2013 *

      2. **
      5h <https://twitter.com/HOVcampaign/status/290019643861639168>[image:
      Hands Off Venezuela]*Hands Off Venezuela *@

      State opposition half PIC of thugs attacking govt. Institutions RT @*
      rolandoteleSUR * <https://twitter.com/rolandoteleSUR>#
      pic.twitter.com/J4l7wxGS <http://t.co/J4l7wxGS>
      ** *View photo*<https://twitter.com/HOVcampaign/status/290019643861639168>
      3. **
      5h <https://twitter.com/HOVcampaign/status/290018925356392448>[image:
      Hands Off Venezuela]*Hands Off Venezuela *@

      Venezuela "democratic" opposition thugs attack women Organisations
      buildings in Tachira via @
      / WxgLFfhM <http://t.co/WxgLFfhM>

      11/01/13.-Groups of the right perpetrated violent attacks Friday in
      Tachira state public institutions. , attacking the home of Tachirense
      Family Foundation and the Institute for Women Tachirense . The National
      System of Public Media imaged in abov, have assumptions that the students
      of the Catholic University of Tachira (UCAT) were destroying the facility.

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